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Never in my life have I heard so much rubbish from someone supposed to be a shepherd of the sheep.

1. Polygamy is Biblical.

2. Straight Marriage actually leads to Polygamy, there is no record in the bible of Gay Polygamous relationships but there is many occurrences of Straight relationships.

I am not saying Polygamy is right or wrong but it’s a whole different discussion than gay marriage.



Online Dating..the types.

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There are different types of dating and people use online dating in different ways.

1. The Fisherman

This guy puts up pictures of other people or his picture from 5 years ago in the hope that someone will like him to ignore the fact that he is nothing like as nice as his pictures.

2. The Bear

This guy really doesn’t want to date. When people contacts them he just blocks them.

3. The Woodpecker

This  guy, when someone contacts him, bombards them with messages and emails. Which drives them completely mad, normally he is blocked well before he actually meets anyone.

4. The Mouse

The mouse does not have a profile photograph, simply listed with age required 0-99 years, he hopes that someone will contact him but he is to scared his family and friends will mysteriously discover his terrible secret. 

5. The addict

You see the same guy on 5 dating sites. Need I say more.

6. The Con Artist

This guy just wants money.

For more people like this you might like to try my dating site (yeah I own a dating site) – or

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Icon for Wikimedia project´s LGBT portal (Portal:LGBT). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have noticed something, when someone who is a Christian comes out as LGBT, for some reason all the other Christians on the whole want to do is to talk about their sexuality. Suddenly all the scriptures that affirm someone are forgotten for 6 misinterpreted verses.

Imagine what would happen….

“Pastor, I’m Gay. I know you probably don’t approve”

“Jim, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and I love you, I know this is a very brave thing for you to say”.

“You don’t  hate me?”

“No, when do I meet the boyfriend?”

“Really, what about the Bible?”

“The Bible says a lot of things, like you should not eat shellfish, and one of my favourites is women should be silent in church”. (sorry Girls) “Which we choose to ignore, so you know what, I am going to major on what the Bible majors on, that’s Love, Joy, Peace, Caring for the poor and hungry and minor on what Jesus minored on.”.

I was talking to a friend this morning and I want to repeat what I said to her.

If LGBT people knew what God really thought of them, what Jesus really did for them, they would flock to him, run to him, because he like us was persecuted by the religious people who thought that the way to live was to make up hundreds of rules. To focus on one or two things rather than the whole canon of scripture.

LGBT people, God loves you and you are fearfully and wonderfully made by him.

(Dedicated to Helen)

LGBT Uganda

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I have a PDF I have received from our brothers and sisters in Uganda. Please Pray for them.

Their PDF is here:   Download

This bothered me…

“So, if two people who practiced witchcraft turned up at the Church of England church and wanted to get married, would you have to do it?”

“Yes, provided they met all the legal requirements, but they would not be able to change the official wording”.

“…and if two people who were gay wanted to make a lifelong commitment to each other, these two have served in the church for 25 years, they would not be able to”

“Yes, that’s right”

…. need I say more.

I grew up believing that you chose to be gay. Ofcourse, I wanted so much to obey God and I thought that God wanted me to be straight. But despite my best efforts I was unable to change my sexuality.

This is, an incredibly important question. Because by it’s nature it brings us to a point where we say, it is natural, I am naturally gay, you may be naturally straight, and my responsibility before God, and before you, is to live an honest, truthful life as I am.

If I meet someone who I love and want to be with, then I will live truthfully, and honestly, before God in that relationship.

The father seeks worshippers that worship him in spirit and in truth. Being in truth means being in the Light, Light shows up darkness, it bathes it, it pushes it away, darkness cannot fight it. So, this question is more about living in truth than making a life decision.


Last night I got to speak on the Christian Faith and LGBT at fantastic Youth organisation called Mosaic Youth, their website is , they are based in Kilburn and Ealing (United Kingdom). The group was quite lively! With very differing opinions on Faith, but the questions were intelligent and to be honest, a lot more intelligent than some Christian groups I have spoken for on these topics!

Anyway – I’ve added a link so if you know any LGBT teens in the London area who need help or would benefit from an LGBT youth group, please put them in touch.