The sadness of Christianity

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have noticed something, when someone who is a Christian comes out as LGBT, for some reason all the other Christians on the whole want to do is to talk about their sexuality. Suddenly all the scriptures that affirm someone are forgotten for 6 misinterpreted verses.

Imagine what would happen….

“Pastor, I’m Gay. I know you probably don’t approve”

“Jim, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God and I love you, I know this is a very brave thing for you to say”.

“You don’t  hate me?”

“No, when do I meet the boyfriend?”

“Really, what about the Bible?”

“The Bible says a lot of things, like you should not eat shellfish, and one of my favourites is women should be silent in church”. (sorry Girls) “Which we choose to ignore, so you know what, I am going to major on what the Bible majors on, that’s Love, Joy, Peace, Caring for the poor and hungry and minor on what Jesus minored on.”.

I was talking to a friend this morning and I want to repeat what I said to her.

If LGBT people knew what God really thought of them, what Jesus really did for them, they would flock to him, run to him, because he like us was persecuted by the religious people who thought that the way to live was to make up hundreds of rules. To focus on one or two things rather than the whole canon of scripture.

LGBT people, God loves you and you are fearfully and wonderfully made by him.

(Dedicated to Helen)

  1. Deri says:

    Paul, I hope you are right about that man called Jesus. But I have almost totally given up any faith in what he said because it has proven to be ineffective more often than not. The only people I have met who seem to put his teaching into practice are called MCC. But such a small denomination does not yet outweigh the hurtful hatred preached by many who use his name. Your book has words to the effect of ‘by their actions you will recognize them’. Jesus has too many harmful ambassadors – I think you are whistling in the wind. The 1% of me that misses church will keep me reading you and Anita and a very few others, but 99% of me is attracted to Native American spirituality.
    May your god bless you.

    • Paul C says:

      Hi Deri, thanks so much for your message, and sadly I think a lot of LGBT people feel the same. I really do. I just really pray that we can change things to what they should be. I go to a Church of England church where I’m openly gay and they are wonderful, what I’ve found is a lot of the people IN the churches generally have quite different opinions than those who are at the top. Just like the pharisees in Jesus time, in fact to be honest, nothing has changed, the religious people still don’t get Jesus. Because they want rules, constraints, but Jesus died and rose again for our freedom.

      I love MCC churches to. Don’t give up on Jesus mate. Things will change for the better.

      He loves you so much 🙂

      Btw if you fancy a chat I’m on face book Gay Christian.

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