Online Dating..the types.

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

There are different types of dating and people use online dating in different ways.

1. The Fisherman

This guy puts up pictures of other people or his picture from 5 years ago in the hope that someone will like him to ignore the fact that he is nothing like as nice as his pictures.

2. The Bear

This guy really doesn’t want to date. When people contacts them he just blocks them.

3. The Woodpecker

This  guy, when someone contacts him, bombards them with messages and emails. Which drives them completely mad, normally he is blocked well before he actually meets anyone.

4. The Mouse

The mouse does not have a profile photograph, simply listed with age required 0-99 years, he hopes that someone will contact him but he is to scared his family and friends will mysteriously discover his terrible secret. 

5. The addict

You see the same guy on 5 dating sites. Need I say more.

6. The Con Artist

This guy just wants money.

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