Yet again the madness of the church of England rears it’s ugly head. Apparently this vicar has personal knowledge of the Archbishop’s personal habits (eauuwww). Either that or he is swearing in a post. But wait, doesn’t the Bible say that you shouldn’t swear…

This useful resource should provide some guidance

So surely he must be just making an observation?

There are a lot more verses about not swearing than homosexuality, so this Vicar’s view of his Archbishop is, by shear percentages, unbalanced.

Anyway, if the Archbishop does in fact have a problem with the word used by this vicar, that’s his business.

I would add that I actually feel really sorry for the Vicar in Question. He’s not homophobic I read on his face book…

“you know what really upsets me; i am a christian and an ordained priest since 1996, when i was 25 years old, i believed then the church was full of nice, generous,kind people who talked about love, now it is full of bigoted, homophobic prejudiced people who seem to think they represent christian views was i a naive fool?”
I think like me he gets frustrated with the COFE and I do have some sympathy.

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