Acceptance and Rejection.

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What is surprising me over these last weeks is the way things are changing in the world. There are places and groups, surprisingly even the Catholics, where LGBT people are now become accepted. The Pope saying that he would not judge Gay people including priests, is a major move for the Catholic church.

Russia, a “non religious” country has become so Anti-Gay that you are not allowed to say the word “gay”, in fact, they are rounding up Russian LGBT people and doing horrendous things to them. The world is responding but it’s slow going.

Mugabe wants all gay people to have their heads chopped off. Bizarre.

So while things get really really better in some places, they get really really worse in others.

I wonder, however, if the Russian/Mugabe stance is a statement against the west, rather than actually anything against LGBT people per-se. It’s like saying “we are Russian, we do not do the thing’s the USA does”.

I wish I had a huge place I could bring all these wonderful LGBT brothers and sisters from these terrible countries and make them safe. I really do. Hmmm that’s a thought.



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