Benefits and Poverty in the United Kingdom.

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I am fed up with the Job Centre in Uxbridge, UK.

Over the last weeks there has been a lot of talk about people on benefits, social security. People who “live off the state”. I have been very blessed to always have work and have a job and have never claimed. However. Sometime ago a relative of mine and his girlfriend became homeless, through not faults of their own, I took them in.  They have been really really struggling to claim benefits and housing. Even though the are keen to work and need the help to get back on their feet the job-centre is supposed to provide, both in financial support and help with resources to apply for jobs.

I have been helping them as best I can but I cannot understand why it is SO difficult for young people to get any help. On TV this week was a programme about two families who live in huge houses, with flat screen TV’s – on benefits and yet it seems impossible to apply for benefits in this great country of ours for those who do not have children. Young people are encouraged to have a child so they can claim, this is so, so, wrong when they are not ready.

I am paying tax, into a system so they can be helped with money, AND having to pay out so they can eat, I don’t begrudge this, but I begrudge paying into a system that SHOULD provide what I am paying out.

Whilst there are benefits scroungers out there, perhaps it would be good to highlight people who are genuinely struggling for a change.

Oh and by the way, they can’t use the food bank because according to the Job Centre “You can’t get food bank because you are not on benefits”.

The system is broken, really broken.



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