Posted: January 22, 2014 in Poems

We are the sun peaking over the horizon of the Serengeti,
We are the birth of a new child peaking over the horizon of the new bed,
We are the look in a mothers eyes at her son, proud like a spring peacock.
We are the fire in the belly of a  man angry at injustice,
Or the laughter of a child being tickled by his father’s hands,
We are standing together as one,
We are feeling our pain together as one suffers, we all suffer,
We are the raising of Lazarus and the birthing of a new dream or idea,
We are the reaching to those who are lost, but surprised that we ourselves are lost,
We are the eagle that soars on wings,
We are the song that sings through the darkness of captivity,
We are out, we are free, we are alive, we sing, we sing we cannot stop, we cannot be stopped,
Life cannot be stopped, until it’s time comes.
Until then, we will sing, laugh, jump, cry, weep, tickle, hug and be the life.



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