When Jesus came to church.

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Peoms

When he arrived I welcomed him, it was, after all my job
I ushered him to the middle  of the church but he made a b-line for John, the homeless guy (who frankly could use a bath)
As he sat at the back and I was behind him, he just seemed different
After all our white, middle classed, church didn’t often get middle eastern gentlemen.
I started noticing one or two of the children, one was pulling on his mother’s coat
“Mummy, mummy, it’s Jesus!”
“Don’t be silly dear, why would Jesus be in church”
He looked over and smiled at a few of the children
They seemed to know something we didn’t
He didn’t seem to impressed with our amazing worship band
Our building didn’t seem to impress him either, and when he saw our Christian bookshop, he seemed to seethe a little
I did notice however he responded when Jack who really is the odd one out in the worship band started playing his rather old guitar, he really should get a new one, Jack does this thing with his eyes like he is passionately giving everything, looks silly but our Middle Eastern friend really started smiling
After our service, the children ran to him, he seemed to act like a magnet for them
“Mummy, I told you it was Jesus”
Mummy was too busy arranging a coffee morning in the aid of something
No one had noticed that Jesus had taken money out of the offering and given it to John.
No one noticed when he slipped away, as if he had never even been there.



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