It Get’s Better Campaign!

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Christian Ethics

Many LGBT teenagers in the church feel that they are facing a bleak future. A group of young adult LGBT Christians have made a short “It Gets Better” film to tell their stories of coming out and finding a place within the church to try to give hope to younger people that it can be possible.

At the end of the film we would love to have 100 snapshots of clergy showing their support and stopping the teenagers who see this film from thinking that this is just a small group of naughty rebels.

If you are a recognised Christian clergy person who is supportive of their cause then please send us a photograph of yourself (portrait rather than landscape) in your clerical shirt, smiling and holding an A4 sheet of white paper with LARGE BOLD BLACK LETTERS saying “I support LGBT Christians”. Please it send to and forward this message to others who might be interested

The deadline for submissions is 22nd March 2014 but the sooner we get them in the better. Many thanks”


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