The Jug.

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Christian Ethics
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Jesus in one of his frequent and mostly surprising visits observed a jug. It was made of glass, empty, chipped in odd places.

” Did you bring that?” I asked.

“No, he said, it’s yours, you’ve just not noticed it before”

“Why does it have a board on the top of it, so nothing can be put in?”

“Well”, Jesus said, with that warm ‘annoying’ smile, “that’s your Love Jug”.

“Oh! I said, it’s empty”

“Yes, said Jesus, and you are scared to let anyone fill it so you keep that board on top, the ‘personal space’ board, it serves you well, protecting you from pain”

“But….”, I said, half knowing what was coming,

“But… because you will not make yourself vulnerable, when I send people to you to show you love you cannot receive it, in fact, you don’t really receive my love, you’re so worried about conditions, about not being good enough, so worried you might get hurt”.

“Jesus, I know what you’re saying but if I remove that board then I will get hurt”,

“Maybe,”, he said, “But it’s better than feeling alone and empty isn’t it? Remember when I died for you, to show you the ultimate love I have for you, I had to become ultimately vulnerable, when you think of being ‘Christlike’, it’s not about obeying rules, or being a ‘Good Christian’, but about being vulnerable, because out of that vulnerability comes humility and strength”.

“It’s very risky”, I said, hoping he wouldn’t force me to take the board from the top of the Jug,

“Yes, but love and risk are intrinsically tied together, if you don’t want to feel so alone and empty, you have to become vulnerable, you have to receive pain and love equally, sometimes your jug will be broken, but a new, better one, will be made in it’s place”

“Do I have to take the board of now?”

“No,”, said Jesus, “it’s always your choice to be vulnerable, no one else’s, except sometimes bad things happen and the board is removed on it’s own, you become vulnerable because you can no longer be strong, you have a choice, you can live as a vulnerable receptive vessel of my love or carry on relying on your own strength, the problem is, when others need of the contents of your jug, there won’t be much there”.

“Jesus, it’s dangerous”


“Is it worth it?”


“I’m scared”

“There”, said Jesus, “that did it”

The board protecting me was gone, my fear made me vulnerable and Jesus love could flow into my jug

“You see”, he said wryly, “perfect love casts out all fear, your vulnerability opened the door for love to deal with fear”,

“I think I’ll just leave the board off for a while longer”, I said.



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