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Ok, some of you call it a Mall.

I saw something amazing today, something that scared me, that made me want to sing, I wanted to run up to them and hug them. Two guys were holding hands and walking  through the local Intu shopping centre.

I just sat there waiting for the kids like a lemon. I WANTED to run up and say guys this is so good to see. I WANTED to tell them my story and just say I’m so proud of them for being open about their love.

But I just sat there. Feeling a bit embarrassed and stupid.

I realised that the old Evangelical fears were running through me, I thought of when I’d been on dates and how we’d pretended to be a couple of guys out for a meal. I thought how I would want to be like them, without a care in the world but the love for each other.

I hope one day if I ever find someone, I’ll have the courage to do that too.




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