The Silly thinking of Christianity.

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

I recently had a discussion about gay marriage with a group of people. One of them was a Church of England Vicar who said it wasn’t in the Bible so he could not justify it.

On the surface this sounds like a good argument. But Christians often create doctrine that on deeper view is, in fact, silly.

“If it’s not in the Bible we shouldn’t do it”

The internet is not in the Bible, in fact there are lots of things in the Bible Christian’s on the whole completely ignore, for instance 1 Cor 14:34 Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.

Smoking – this really gets me, Christian’s that criticise smokers because they are damaging their bodies “The Temple of the Holy Spirit” are often the same people who eat too much, or don’t exercise enough, and shockingly drive around polluting cars not only affecting their own health, but everyone else. To maintain this position you would have to become an Amish Christian. (To be honest there is something lovely about the simple life).

“It wasn’t Adam and Steve it was Adam and Eve”

Silly. So every time a couple get married you have to have their names changed to Adam and Eve otherwise it’s not a biblical marriage. To add to this the Biblical model says that a man shall leave his parents and go and marry his wife.

So – your son is staying with you till he gets married, and then he’ll go and live with her parents. Don’t think for 5 minutes he is allowed to do anything else. It’s one model. If it’s God’s design that a man is with a woman that’s great for Adam and Eve but not all of us can do that.

“God can heal you from being gay”

Firstly, we have to decide if we actually have anything wrong by being LGBT. If God hates it so much how come he allows people to be born or become this way?

I normally say to people who make this statement, go and heal a blind man then come back to me. Then you are qualified to make that statement.

God CAN do a lot of things, he just chooses not to, and that is a mystery. The cool thing about thinking that anyone who is not a perfect human being like you is not favoured or loved by God, is that you can believe you are some how better than them, that makes you feel good, but it doesn’t impress God. “What you did to the least of these to did it to me”, Jesus says in the story of the sheep and the goats. So by putting down people who are not quite as good as you, you are simply putting down Jesus.  People who take this attitude may have a rude awakening.

The Bible Says….”

Normally following this is a selection of old-testament or new-testament verses.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter WHAT the Bible says. It matters how you live, how you are towards others. You live out what the Bible says in your life.

Jesus said the whole of the law and the prophets are summed up by two verses. Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbour as yourself. Do those things, you’ve got it.

So bashing LGBT people (or anyone else) with Bible verses that you probably don’t understand anyway is hardly LOVING your neighbour as yourself. It’s just bashing people with words, it means nothing.

What matters to God is to love justice and mercy, to feed the starving and the widow.

Jesus never mentioned gay people

Sorry, but he did, in Matthew 11 he talks about Eunuchs, at the time of Christ if a woman bought a Eunuch who had genitals she had to pay a dowry, so we know Jesus was talking about people not attracted to the opposite sex.

Jesus had nothing bad to say about these people. He just said that some are born like it, some made like it by men and some choose to be single for the Kingdom of God. The Eunuchs were basically some of the most despised people even then. But to Jesus, they just were.

Even on the way to Ethiopia a Eunuch was saved and baptised, one of the first. It’s there in the book of Acts, the apostle in discussion with the Eunuch never said ANYTHING about his relationships, he was more concerned with his soul.

The Good News

The good news really is that Jesus’ love and grace is enough for all and that includes LGBT people. If you get to know Jesus you’ll realise just how much he does love us even though the message of Christian’s sometimes is the opposite.

Yup Jesus died on a roman cross for all of us. He rose again on the third day. That’s what to focus on, major on what he majored on and minor on what he minored on.

I think we are judged not on wether we kept the law or not, but how we judged others. Jesus said “With the measure you use to judge others, is the measure you will be judged”. With the measure we forgive we will be forgiven (remember the Lord’s prayer).

So coming back to Gay Marriage. It’s about Love and Commitment and sometimes sex. Oh and sometimes they adopt children who have no family. Surely those things are central to the Christian faith. If you are worried God might not like the kind of sex gay people have, I shouldn’t worry because straight people often do the same stuff.


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