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Posted: December 23, 2014 in Peoms
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It’s almost like I’m blinded by the tinsel
Making a shimmering wall to protect me from “The Gift”
It’s almost like the star can’t be seen because of our street lights of commercialism
It’s almost like those Wise Men never journeyed to the dark, smelly stable
Or the shepherds who were as dark and smelly as the stable never knelt before the One of whom the Angels sang
It’s almost as if his message of Love and Peace for all, of good news became bad news for some
It’s almost as if the food trough that he rested in as a baby was still, just, a trough

Of course, it’s up to us, to dig through the tinsel and froth of our modern lives
It’s up to us to sit quietly and watch the mother and child
To listen to the soft speech of the confused carpenter father trying to keep up
To capture the smells and noise of the stable
Gather with all and watch the story unfold
Suddenly our commercial, modern approach seems a bit irrelevant


Not something we NORMALLY hear about hear in the UK. You see the problem with theology that is spouted in front of people who you don’t know it affects, is while the onlookers look on and nod in approval, the LGBT person is secretly dying inside.

We must think more about the verse “What you did to the least of these, you did it to me”, Jesus talking in the parable of the sheep and the goats.

“But the Bible Says” is all very well. But the Bible says a lot of things. This Christmas, instead of putting ourselves and others down maybe it’s time to focus on building up and not destroying, on creating a safe environment for everyone.

The theology of hate perpetrated by so many Christians is not the teachings of Christ at all. He never once lifted a stone against anyone, or put them down, sure, he challenged people but his whole life he built people up.

Happy Christmas everyone!