Things the Church doesn’t own…but thinks it does.

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have for some time been thinking about the whole Communion thing. Not only Communion but Marriage, priesthood etc. and I am about to say something shocking…. but when you get a handle on it it gives us freedom.


In the church of England a Priest has to bless the bread and wine (consecrate it), ofcourse this has caused a bit of a problem where you don’t have a Vicar. Now ofcourse this would cause a bit of a problem for Jesus, ofcourse he was not ordained, or the disciples, or apostles.

The Breaking of Bread belongs to the Church world wide, but we could actually drop the ritual and make it much simpler, we could lose the “requirements” of hundreds of years of history that are not only, not in the Bible or practiced by Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the ritual sometimes, but we must not be bound by it, Communion belongs to Christians, not to ritual.

The Priesthood

Ok  given there are elders, and priests in the Bible, but these people did not dress differently from the common man, in fact the original purpose of robes was so that the priest looked like the common man, but it somehow got lost. Ofcourse, we are all priests, Jesus created the priesthood of all believers, the priesthood belongs to every Christian.

Now, we do need elders and apostles. We need people to manage the church. That’s very important.


Marriage was around LONG before there was church, and Christians to make rules about it. Gay Marriage, sorry to say for those who think it is quite a modern thing was practiced well before the church was established, a number of Roman Emperors married Men, marriage has had many many forms over the years and to think that the Church some how has a right to define what it is sadly leaves a lot to be desired.


Why on earth does some organisation think it has a right to demand 10% of the income of those who are probably struggling themselves. While Bishops live in palaces it is immoral to demand a tithe from the poor.

Jesus wouldn’t do it, even Paul the Apostle was a tent maker and welcomed gifts, everyone gave “as he was able”. Making people feel second class because they can’t give is wrong.

A fixed percentage is unfair on the poor.

Someone who earns £1000 a month but gives £100 to the church will find life much harder than someone who earns £10000 a month and gives £1000.

Remember the woman who through the small coin into the offering and Jesus said how she gave more than all the others.

I often see TV adverts for charities and I’ve got to the point where I say to myself, if you can afford that TV ad. you don’t need my money.

(I’m such a rebel)


Here’s something else that the churches love to  take over. Baptism, it doesn’t belong to the church but every believer. Many many baptisms are performed in rivers and lakes, all you need is Water, a confession of faith and believers.

I do love church though….

  1. Alan Bainbridge says:

    Very well said Paul.

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