The Christian Cake Saga.

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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In This article we read of a Christian bakery who refused to bake a cake for a gay person because it opposed their views on equal marriage, there has been a large amount of discussion about this case, particularly on LBC radio.

I have been sitting back and having a good think about this and it appears to me that the Christian’s even though they were backing a cake for gay marriage support which they don’t believe in may have been going against the teachings of Jesus.


Starting with the teaching Jesus gave on ‘going the extra mile’.

Matthew 5:41New International Version (NIV)

41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.

Jesus here is referring to the Roman soldiers who would regularly get people to carry their stuff. Ofcourse the Jews would be horrified to do this on a sabbath, but I would imagine the roman soldiers would not have cared. The Jew would not dare complain, but had to carry what was required and go for one mile. Jesus didn’t say ‘don’t bake the cake’ he said, instead, give more than they ask.

Sure, I understand that the baker didn’t want to promote gay marriage, just as I’m sure the jews would not want to support the oppressive Roman empire.

Of course Jesus spent a lot of time with people for whom the jews would not approve, such as the samaritan woman at the well, what about the Roman Centurion with his “Pias” (could be translated lover) who was ill.

Perhaps a more powerful ministry happens when we go ahead and cross borders, when we bake the cake.

This Friday is the referendum on gay marriage in Ireland. I  for one hope it passes. Because then Christians will see that LGBT people can love each other too and maintain a happy relationship. Young gay people instead of drifting into promiscuity and having relationships in an environment of fear may be able to move to having relationships that are honourable and open.

Jesus used circumstances to open dialog. What if the Christian baker had forgotten about his fear of gay people and gay marriage and instead baked the cake and shared the love of Christ with that gay person?

What if he baked the cake, plus did some rainbow cup cakes for free?

“Look, I struggle with the whole gay marriage thing, but Jesus told me to go the extra mile”.

Much more powerful than going to court and losing an equality case.

Cake anyone?

  1. I think there’s also a responsibility on us as gay Christians to extend love to the bakery owners, instead of litigation. Maybe we go in with our rainbow lapel badges and buy up all the loaves!

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