Christian Homophobia and why it’s silly.

Posted: June 16, 2015 in LGBT Issues
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Today I was listening to LBC probably my favourite radio station. Funnily enough they were not talking about this topic but I think the comments said actually apply. When it comes down to it religion is about getting to paradise/heaven. What you do in the practice of your religion is often designed to increase your chances to get into heaven/paradise or whatever you call it.

The point is.

Does hating someone or banishing them from your life/church actually help you get closer to God? Standing on the brokenness of others, surely, in accordance with the teachings of Jesus will never make us better people.

At no point did Jesus EVER tell ANYONE to hate or treat any one with distain. Jesus started simply by saying that we had to “Believe in the one God had sent”, following with that we should Love the Lord our God with all our heart soul mind and strength and love our neighbours as ourselves. None of these things actually include being homophobic or hateful towards anyone who actually isn’t good enough, or doesn’t meet the mark.

The truth is, no one meets the mark. Jesus knew that ever one of us is a sinner. Regardless. None of us gets to God’s level. But our entry into heaven just seems to start with faith. The thief on the cross next to Christ just believed, he didn’t protest against gay marriage, he didn’t get baptised, married or religious, he simply believed because, well frankly, he couldn’t move.

You see you can only really find Christ when you realise that you cannot move without him, that, in a sense everyone is spiritually on a cross next to Christ and the key to the depths of his love is the realisation that without him we can do nothing. With him – everything is possible.

Jesus told his disciples not to lord it over people, but to be their servants. Christians are called to serve and to be servants to all.

There is  a huge gulf between some LGBT people and Christians. Christians it is our place to make the first move, to go stand by the well and talk to the Samarian. There is a lot of healing needed, for Chrstians and LGBT people alike, a lot of broken relationships, children thrown out of homes by their parents, a lot of hate. None of it comes from Christ. He just isn’t like that.


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