What did I learn from Pride?

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have just watched the film “Pride“. I have been reflecting on it for a few days and here are my thoughts.

Just because people hate you doesn’t mean you can’t change the world.

The LGBT people were motivated by seeing the Miners getting the same treatment they got, in fact as Christ crossed cultural barriers with the Samaritan woman they crossed cultural barriers and walked right in to the lions den. Into a bunch of people that, in fact, didn’t really like LGBT people either.

Sometimes as a gay person it’s easy to get focussed on the visceral attacks of the homophobic, to get so focused on the attacks that you start believing the lies that some how you are a mistake, that your natural desires you can choose to change.  But that just results in pain for yourself and those around you.

These people, with their lack of resources managed to touch the hearts of a hardened miners town, to get acceptance on a level that I’m sure must have shocked the media who branded them “perverts”.

You have the power to do incredible good

Instead of wallowing in self pity, you as an LGBT person has the power just like anyone to touch the hearts and lives of those around you, you know what? If people reject you, you can either carry on fighting or go somewhere where you will be accepted and use that as a platform to help others feel accepted.

It’s not just LGBT people that have a hard time

I think one of the key things was the way that the LGBT people were able to help the miners because there were many similarities in their treatment, in one scene, miners have been arrested and one of the gay people helps them get them out of prison. Perhaps if LGBT people could start identifying more with those struggling with the same treatment that would provide incredible power against the oppression that exists in this world.

I found it amusing how the LGBT people noticed that the police were not hassling them any more, “where have they gone?” they said, …. the miners knew exactly where they had gone. There is a thin line between policing the law and persecuting.

Where were the Christians?

The lack of any christians having any impact both on those who are LGBT and the miners poverty I found very saddening. So often church misses it’s chance to show love, compassion and mercy. Love covers over a multitude of sins. (yes, that’s in the Bible).

Anyway – I highly recommend the film, as long as you don’t mind being moved.

Another good article about this film is here.


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