The Church of England wants to change the date of Easter.

Posted: January 18, 2016 in LGBT Issues

So, in the last few days:-

  • The Church of England has “punished” the Episcopalians for welcoming and affirming LGBT people.
  • Shortly afterwards, having hurt the LGBT people, the Archbishop had the audacity to apologise for doing so. (I’ve hurt you, I’m sorry, now I’m going to do it again).
  • Now the Church of England wants to change the date of Easter.

What is REALLY going on here?

The African church is actually the majority of the Church of England, in fact, the loss of income from these churches would seriously damage the income of the church, which, although is a “charity” has a number of rather lovely investments. It can make a profit, but it’s not taxed because it’s not a profit, it has a different name. So financially they can’t afford to let LGBT people have a loving, committed relationship if the African’s don’t like it.

By making a change to the date of Easter, the archbishop opens people to the idea that its OK to change things even if your tradition says no. I think actually you will see a lot of changes like this – things people can cope with.

Hopefully the Africans will then be more open to more beneficial changes. Meanwhile, we all have to wait 3 years at least for something to happen.

The local churches in the UK from what I can see, are also actually very welcoming to LGBT people, although they have to tow the party line and there could never be a formal recognition of a “gay partnership” in the church. (Unless you don’t have sex, then it’s fine, although I’m not sure how they would find that out? CCTV?).

I don’t think UK churches are taking any risk by welcoming LGBT people in a relationship or otherwise. Or are they? What if the punishment meted out on the Episcopalian church for affirming LGBT people was to point mooted out the the UK church as well.

The problem here is, perhaps the Archbishop has gone too far, he has basically said he approves of LGBT people being put to death and “punished” for their “sin” of being Gay, Trans, Bisexual or Transgender, although he did then apologise for any pain caused. So the struggle with the African churches is clear. All the while they have the money, they make the rules. (nothing new there!).

So where is the crunch point? Is there a point where the church can no longer handle the pain? Will the Church of England as a whole take a stand for what is right rather than what is cultural.

I did notice a few of the Bishops have quite a problem with gluttony.

So far in history what has made gay people straight?

  • Science – science despite some people swearing by it tried “Electroshock” therapy, lobotomies, insane asylums, psychology and other techniques that often left people as “vegetables” but failed to make them straight. What’s odd is that in nature, hundreds if not thousands of different species have LGBT behaviours. In any other sphere of science we would examine nature and say, “oh look, this happens in nature, that’s cool”. Put it like this – if you want to and try and fix some “gay lions” you help yourself, they may however, have you for breakfast first.
  • Religion – quite a number/most of the religious organisations such as Courage, Exodus etc have actually given up completely making people straight, there are quite a few “repentance” videos of people saying, “look, we tried it and it failed, in fact, we caused more harm than good”. Even people like me who got married to try and become straight because of religion, found themselves often very very unhappy, some suicidal. In fact trying to force someone to be straight because “God wants it” can result in someone taking their own life simply because they cannot confirm to the “straight” view of the world.
  • Law – even making it illegal to be LGBT has failed. For some reason people seem unable, even with the threat of the full weight of the law against them to “give up” love.

What concerns and upsets me more than anything is the simple fact that the Church of England’s approach of abusing the minority to keep the majority happy won’t actually fix anything. It will just maintain a status quo of division that lives deep under the cracks.

I will say, the odds are there are a whole load of LGBT Anglicans in Africa. But I expect they are in hiding.

Personally, I found Sunday pretty hard to be honest, it stopped feeling like home. But it got a lot easier with some really supportive comments. Not one person was negative, I did have one person say “Oh it’s great he apologised surely that must give you hope”. To which I replied that you don’t beat someone and the apologise and then beat them again, oh wait, if that happened in one of those amazing magical marriage things they keep going on about it’s called “Domestic Abuse”.

I will say that on Sunday I also felt pretty guilty. I felt guilty that I had not been punished when my brothers and sisters in the USA had. Like someone who escapes an accident with their life when someone else dies and then wonders why they were spared.

Where will this end up? I reckon it will backfire pretty badly for the Church of England. Oh, and if anyone finds the mythical “Gay Community” could you put me in touch. thanks.

Updates < interesting piece by Giles Fraser.  < Pink news talking about suspension of the Bishops in the Lords


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