What don’t people get about Jesus?

Posted: January 20, 2016 in Uncategorized


Rant warning….rant begins in the next paragraph.

I’m sick of it. I’m sick of idiots pretending to be Christians and missing the fundamental message of Christ in the “Golden Commandments”. They call themselves fundamentalists, a title that is ironic in its very nature to describe them. A REAL Christian fundamentalist is someone who is fundamental about their love for Christ and their neighbour. It’s SIMPLE GOSPEL STUFF PEOPLE.

The son of Billy Graham telling Christians to keep Gay “satanists” away from their churches and children.

Well I can tell you Franklin, when you turn people away from your churches and from Christ you also turn Christ himself away.

For goodness sake, how far have you gone away from the Christ who loved all and died for all to being some sort of super saint with your huge bank account.

Don’t be fooled people, these are the people spoken about in the sheep and the goats passage quoted in my last post. People who are more worried about an empty form of worship than truth and love.

How is that loving your neighbour as yourself? For goodness sake, if all the LGBT people who hide in churches just trying to follow Christ left, guess what, you might find you have hardly any Choir or music group. You might find that some of the people you rely on in your church disappear.

LGBT people are not satanists. Those, you silly man, are people who worship satan. LGBTI Christians who attend churches are trying their best to follow Christ, it’s hard enough as it is, even in the Church of England. Where we are second class Christians even though some of us live alone and work hard for the Church.

Sorry to be scathing but anyone with any intelligence who read the gospels would see that Jesus spent all his time with people like us.

Perhaps Franklin you are gay yourself and you can’t cope with it.

End of Rant.

Love to All





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