The LGBTI youth centre that needs our help.

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

I have been a supporter for some time of a wonderful service to LGBTI youth in London. I have spoken their on LGBTI and the Christian faith and was treated with a lot of respect by the very special and important young people that attend.

Now the 4 youth workers that look after these precious people are going to lose their jobs on April 1st when the funding stops.

When I was a teenager I remember how isolated and alone I felt, being unable to talk to anyone, especially those closest to me about my struggles with being gay. With my condemnation of myself.

If there was a group like this for me I would have been so happy. Perhaps I would have avoided my disaster of a life and been confident and happy with who I was.

Please support them, there are some stories and Facebook posts below.

FUNDING PAGE – Please give generously.


The young people protested.

Facebook Page. – Please like and share.


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