Gay stereo types in the Christian Church

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

After another session of gay hate by Christians on Facebook I thought I’d just put the record straight on some of the things you Hetro Christians might be thinking about us LGBT people

  1. Sodom and Gomorrah.

    I have never been there, I have no idea what the place looks like, I am NOTHING TO DO with any crimes or anything else that was committed there. The Bible actually says that the people of Sodom were punished NOT for sodomy (well nah!) but for being inhospitable. I’m not even going to look the verse up because you’re so stupid you’ve not read the Bible yourself.

2. I am not living a life of fornication that you have running round your head

Do not assume because you THINK all gay people sleep around we all do. Gay people especially gay Christians tend to be alone. Because people like you make us feel guilty even if we were to look at a guy and think “oh he’s nice” (much in the same way you think about people of the opposite sex).

3. My private life has nothing at all to do with you. I am not interested in your private life, I don’t judge you that you spend time looking at porn or doing a whole load of other things that the Bible warns against. Let God be the judge not you.

4. I go to church, like you, I read the Bible, like you, I pray like you, I pray so hard, I doubt my faith every time you have a go at me, I look up and say why do I bother? Then I remember that despite your judgment, Jesus loves me, and I want to live for him more than anything.

So stop flipping judging me and worry about your own life.

Because in the way you Judge, God will Judge you.


  1. Not noticed any specific FB outpouring recently. What sites are you following? I’ll have to look them up and berate them. 🙂

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