Asking for permission.

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve seen a lot of these MEME things on Facebook.

They have quotes like “Like and share if you love me”.

They make me cringe, and feel sad at the same time, it’s sad that the wonderful human being who is made in God’s image, who is so full of the future, of hope and excitement, if only they could find it thinks that someone “liking and sharing” their picture would confirm that they are loved, or hugged, or approved.

In essence the person involved is simply asking people for permission to feel accepted, or to have value.

You’re and my value is intrinsic to us as a human being. Every human being is precious and filled with dreams and potential. Sometimes, those dreams and potential get smashed. But you know what I’ve noticed, when they get smashed It’s never the person who owns the dream, the goal, the hope that smashes it, the only person who has a right to put a dream to death is you. 

You, special, wonderful person do not need to ask permission to be great, to feel loved, to hope or to dream, you do not need to continuously post those Memes on social media. Because, the answer to your need is already in you, you just have to find it.

So take ownership of yourself, of your feelings and emotions, take ownership of your dreams and guard them.

There’s a great verse in the Bible “Do not cast your pearls to swine”. So often I grieve over people casting out their feelings, making themselves vulnerable on Facebook or other social media to people who don’t really have any right to comment.

To be honest, many churches when it comes to people who are “different” in any way think that the person needs to be “healed”, when really they are saying “be like us”. Just because someone is LGBT, is “different”, doesn’t mean that why will ever be like you, will ever walk your road or have your journey, and guess what? That’s ok.

If you went to a church where everyone wore suits, but you didn’t have suit you would be no less of a christian, no less of a person, even though you might feel that way. That’s what I love about communion, the Lord’s supper, it’s a great leveller, whoever you are its the same thing, however rubbish you feel, it’s a safe place, there, with his disciples, accepted and part of the group. Each one taking the bread and wine is no more or less worthy.

Perhaps MEME’s saying “You’re an awesome person” would be far better. Now there’s a thought.

Don’t ask for permission to be great from others, instead give yourself permission. Go and be brilliant. Go on, you know you can.

Love xx



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