Happy National Coming out day.

Posted: October 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today is National coming out day. For some, telling others they are LGBT can be a dangerous and painful experience. Sometimes people don’t take it well, many LGBT people end up homeless but things are changing.


Meet John. John is sadly typical of what happens when an LGBT person has to try and deal with who they are in a culture that is hostile to them.

But John is also an example of someone who is incredibly brave and has worked through those who would stand against him and I hope has found people who will stand with him for his future.

Today will be, for many, a day of bravery, when they must find in them the courage to face who they are and for those friends and family to support them and enable them to live their lives, as an LGBT person to the full.

So young and old. If you need to come out. First find safe people to come out to if you can (i.e. me). Then you can be in a safe place to come out to others if you feel you can, don’t feel pressure to come out until you are ready.

If some one comes out to you today, give them a hug, if you are shocked try not to show them (you’ll get used to it!). If your child comes out to you affirm them whatever your personal beliefs, they are still your friend/child and they have chosen to trust you with something that is putting their life on the line even telling you.

I hope today will be a great day for everyone.Happy coming out day.

Dad, I’m Gay,
Phew, that’s a relief, I thought you’d become a Ukulele player..


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