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Dear Wormwood,

Posted: November 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s been a long time since I wrote. C.S.Lewis caused me a lot of problems publishing my letters. I thought I’d update you on the “Rainbow” campaign the master has me working on.

So far it’s going well, I’ve managed to get a lot of his church to focus on the whole Marriage thing. They fall for it so easily, ignoring their master’s words about no marriage in heaven. I’ve now got a group called “GAFCON” together, silly name I know. But I’m working on getting them into high power in the church of England. My quota of LGBT suicides is too low at the moment and their “work” they think they are doing should really help increase that.

Remember Wormwood, what I told you, if you can split the church we can attack the weak ones. It’s getting so much easier.

But there are Christians (I hate that name) who are causing me real problems by openly accepting LGBT people in their churches. For some reason they just don’t seem to understand how much my master wants to exclude people from “HIS” Kingdom. The more we can convince the Christians that they should reject and even kill LGBT people the better. So if you could drop some choice words in some choice ears, that would be useful.

If you would be so kind to see if there are any members of the churches you attend who can be encouraged to join GAFCON I would be most grateful.

Your affectionate uncle,




Well I’m excited.

Often it feels like there is a huge gulf between the LGBT community and Christianity, one that if you are a Christian and gay, can be hard to deal with, you live in a kind of no mans land.

But that gulf is getting much narrower. I remember the first time I ever bought a Gay Times magazine. It was in Tesco. I still have it. I bought it and I didn’t try to hide it. I took it home, read every page. I had been outed by someone but I had finally accepted who I was and it was connection to the gay community which I had just started to experience again.

I was SO happy to see some amazing LGBT Christians actually being published in interviews in the magazine for December. The articles are warm and inviting. It is so nice seeing LGBT publications doing something positive for LGBT Christians rather than the constant slating.

You get persecuted by the church for being gay, and by the gay community for being Christian. But that is changing and it’s fantastic.

I wanted to add. If you are gay and Christian and feeling alone please get in touch and I’ll try and help.

If you are near Hillingdon, UK, check out St John’s Hillingdon hill where you will be loved and welcomed. What’s more we even have an LGBT Christian Fellowship.

Thanks for being their Gay Times! I wonder if we could use the articles to produce a flyer for church? Hmmm.

Love to All




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Dear Gafcon,

15th November 2016.

I read with interest your list of “sinners” but I was incredibly disappointed.

I was disappointed because I try extra hard to include LGBT people and love them being that I’m one of them and yet I DIDN’T GET ON YOUR LIST!!!!!!

Surely I deserve a place? I run an LGBT Christian Fellowship for LGBT people and our friends, which I have done for years. I believe in church being a place of inclusion for all regardless. In fact, just like Jesus (remember him?), a place where the more of a “sinner” you are the better you fit in.

Hey, by the way did you know Jesus said there was no marriage in heaven? So all this fuss about your new god Marriage, is kinda a waste of time. Oh and ofcourse throughout history in many cultures, Gay people have been allowed to be married, it’s not exactly a new thing. (does this get me on the list?).

I don’t think LGBT people should be condemned to be alone their whole lives, I actually the the church has done a huge disservice and we should be allowed to be a in a loving relationship just like everyone else, and when straight people allow us to do that, guess what, they are “loving their neighbour as themselves”. I think that by not encouraging same sex monogamous life long relationships, the church has, in fact encouraged people to be promiscuous.

Of course, personally I’m not in any kind of relationship, apart from the constant nagging for food of my cat. Which is more like slavery (I bet you love a bit of slavery, after all it’s allowed in the Bible).

I know you’re probably busy stopping women from speaking in church or stoning adulterers, or pursuing a campaign against women with short hair, (all these things are forbidden in the Bible),  but I wonder if you could see your way to including me on the list?

I don’t need to be at the top or anything, but I would hope that I won’t be left off. Did you know I have been trying to get on West borough Baptists hate, sorry hit list, for ages as well and although you might be not as crazy as them, it would be a small step to the ultimate accolade!

If you put me on the list I might even send you a glittery Christmas card :-).

Anyway with my best wishes,

Hopeful of Harefield


Paul Clevett.

Coming out Videos.

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So I’ve been watching quite a lot of coming out videos. I find they actually help me hearing experiences that are very similar  to mine.

Some of them are literally “I came out, everyone was fine with it, in fact my best friend”(who is normally a girl), “screamed with delight, my parents hugged me and it was great”, right through to the poor souls who got rejected by their parents and sent for therapy, which didn’t work, or sometimes just cast out on to the street to fend for themselves.

When I hear this I know that religion and culture have caused this attitude in their parents, at that point they deny Christ by rejecting their own children. To be honest, if any of my friends came out and got thrown out I’d put them up if I could and help them.

I did see one where the parents kept the kid but made it clear about their disagreement with the child’s sexuality. I saw a LOT where the parents thought it was a phase and eventually realised that their son or daughter was actually not straight. The hardest part of being LGBT is to accept yourself.

The latter to me are the most interesting, I put myself through spiritual therapy. I tried everything to be straight including being married, obviously as Christians cannot have sex outside marriage I was a virgin when I married (with women), I thought that by being married, that very process would make me straight. I would “do the deed” and be straight. But it didn’t.

So those brave enough to come out in environments where they know the people will be hostile towards them do something interesting. They add weight to the theory that being LTBTI etc is not something that is a choice, it’s more of a realisation. A lot like when a straight person just starts wanting to be with girls, every one of them, the story is the same.

I realised I wasn’t like the other guys at school, because I was interested in one or two of the other guys in the same way they were interested in girls, (and one or two of them were interested in me but that’s another story) and this terrible secret I tried to pray and fast away, I cried myself to sleep, I attempted suicide and ended up in hospital. The theology so easily spouted from the pulpit created in me such a terrible conflict that I became incredibly homophobic towards myself. I lived two lives, I was in church on Sunday but meeting up with “people like me” during the week, in London. Kit, if you are out there I miss you.

I lived a huge lie before God and before myself because I thought that this would please God, somehow, that by not living in truth before him this would please him. I was wrong, actually he wants us to be honest and truthful.

Does it get better? Yes. But the journey is often incredibly painful for those involved. It would be much easier if people just accepted that some people are LGBTI and they need to work that through, instead of quoting random Bible verses, often out of context, it is much more helpful to ask the person themselves how they are going to work things through rather than be selfish about your own cultural beliefs. Remember Slavery was a cultural belief we have dropped, I can even prove from scripture that Christians can and should keep slaves. But we don’t do it. Why? Because we have moved on.

I will add, that all the Christians who quote Leviticus have never killed a gay person, or stoned someone for Adultery or sacrificed an Animal, they certainly don’t apply the verses in the law they break to themselves.

Christians on the whole pick and choose the verses they live by and then inflict verses on other people when they want to feel better about themselves. This is what judging others does, even if you think you are justified in your judgement, it makes you feel better about yourself. This is a lie, because eventually you think you’re so great that no one is as good as you, at that point, you are proud, which is sin, kaboom. Lord, it’s so hard to be humble, when I get better looking each day!.

Me, I just go with Love the Lord with your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbour as your self. Those two things will keep you very busy. When you meet an LGBT person think to yourself, what do I want? A relationship? Love? then let them have that love and relationship. You might not understand it. You might have been bought up to believe this person is going straight to Hell. But that’s not your problem, it’s God’s, and he just LOVES rainbows.


What is sin?

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Now normally when this question is asked of a Christian they will hit you with the usual list of Bible verses and platitudes. They will talk of how Christian’s view sin as anything that separates us from God.


But not actually true.

Most Christian’s don’t believe they sin. Sure, they SAY they sin because 1 John say’s you’re a Liar if you say you don’t sin. Cool. But in reality people ignore their own sin. Only thinking about it sitting in church, just before communion when we confess our sins before God, in a general, non committal fashion ready to do it again next week.

So, when Jesus said, “Love your neighbour as yourself”, he really meant it, you know what that means. Simply, if you ignore your sin, ignore others sin. But Jesus went further and said that when you judge someone else, it is like trying to take a spec of wood out of their eye when you have  a plank in yours.

Have you noticed how when people complain about someone else’s Sin, it’s sometimes exactly the same thing they are struggling with. How many anti-gay leaders turn out to be gay themselves eventually?

So what does Jesus actually want us to do. Well, you know there is two verses both in the Old and New Testament that are very interesting. 8Above all, love one another deeply, becauselove covers over a multitude of sins. 9Show hospitality to one another without complaining.… 1 Peter 4:8, then it occurs quite a lot…

Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

Proverbs 17:9
He who conceals a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends.

1 Peter 1:22
Since you have purified your souls by obedience to the truth, so that you have a genuine love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from a pure heart.

The thing is, if the Church, me, everyone spent more time worrying about if we are really loving people, deeply like Peter said, I think we would have a fantastic place because love creates a safe place. That’s why Jesus said the greatest commandments were to Love God and Love your neighbour. Not Love God and point out everyone else’s faults.
Working it out? Now that’s a different story.