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Dear Gafcon,

15th November 2016.

I read with interest your list of “sinners” but I was incredibly disappointed.

I was disappointed because I try extra hard to include LGBT people and love them being that I’m one of them and yet I DIDN’T GET ON YOUR LIST!!!!!!

Surely I deserve a place? I run an LGBT Christian Fellowship for LGBT people and our friends, which I have done for years. I believe in church being a place of inclusion for all regardless. In fact, just like Jesus (remember him?), a place where the more of a “sinner” you are the better you fit in.

Hey, by the way did you know Jesus said there was no marriage in heaven? So all this fuss about your new god Marriage, is kinda a waste of time. Oh and ofcourse throughout history in many cultures, Gay people have been allowed to be married, it’s not exactly a new thing. (does this get me on the list?).

I don’t think LGBT people should be condemned to be alone their whole lives, I actually the the church has done a huge disservice and we should be allowed to be a in a loving relationship just like everyone else, and when straight people allow us to do that, guess what, they are “loving their neighbour as themselves”. I think that by not encouraging same sex monogamous life long relationships, the church has, in fact encouraged people to be promiscuous.

Of course, personally I’m not in any kind of relationship, apart from the constant nagging for food of my cat. Which is more like slavery (I bet you love a bit of slavery, after all it’s allowed in the Bible).

I know you’re probably busy stopping women from speaking in church or stoning adulterers, or pursuing a campaign against women with short hair, (all these things are forbidden in the Bible),  but I wonder if you could see your way to including me on the list?

I don’t need to be at the top or anything, but I would hope that I won’t be left off. Did you know I have been trying to get on West borough Baptists hate, sorry hit list, for ages as well and although you might be not as crazy as them, it would be a small step to the ultimate accolade!

If you put me on the list I might even send you a glittery Christmas card :-).

Anyway with my best wishes,

Hopeful of Harefield


Paul Clevett.

  1. fluff35 says:

    I’m not on it either! But only because they haven’t heard me preach. But, oops, I’m a woman so I shouldn’t be preaching, should I??

  2. Pete Jermey says:

    This is a really good and really Christian response to a deeply unchristian act. Thank you so much

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