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A Christmas Story.

Posted: December 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

A few years ago I started to teach a young lad Guitar. I’ve taught a lot of people instruments in my life. Many of them are casual musicians and some show real talent. Well, after a while he got to the stage where he was learning faster than I could teach him (which makes me very happy, my goal whenever I teach someone is to teach them to learn, to be free with their instrument).

Anyway, going back even more years. One Birthday literally everyone forgot it was my Birthday, I decided, instead, to go to a guitar shop and play and I put a deposit down on a beautiful black Grestch guitar. Over a few months I paid for it and took it out of the shop, that guitar and I played a lot of gigs, that guitar and I were like family.

Whenever I went to teach the young lad and I took the Grestch, he would love it. He would always ask to play it and I’d inevitably end up swapping guitars.

So I was out with the band I play in and I took the Grestch along. He came to the gig and afterwards was jamming on the Grestch with one of our band members and his friends. He asked if he could borrow it. As it was Christmas I let him. Anyway, apparently he glued himself to the guitar (not literally, but you get the idea). Within a few days his mother spoke to me and asked how much it was to buy it. The thing is, it’s quite a valuable guitar, but you know, he adored that guitar. After some trepidation, even though I love that guitar, I decided to sell it for less than it’s worth,  to his parents.

Of course, the lad didn’t know. On Christmas day, they recorded him getting the guitar, he just about managed not to cry. We had all kept it a secret, he even played it in the church on Christmas eve.

$_86.JPGI felt pretty sad actually. I couldn’t afford to buy another guitar like that. But I knew I’d done the right thing.

So after Christmas, I thought I would go on ebay or something and try and find a cheap Grestch to replace it, maybe one that was damaged, that I could repair. But nothing. Then I managed to find though on Gumtree, a Grestch firebird, in the most amazing condition. For much less than it should have been. The advertisment went on before Christmas, but it was still available. I went and picked it up and it’s a gem.

You might ofcourse think that that is not that miraculous and doesn’t “Give you the Disney”. Then yesterday, someone out of the blue, emailed me and told me to call a guy I know who teaches accordion, really nice guy. He said he’d left me an amp at the church that his son didn’t need any more.

The amp was an awesome Line 6 30 watt spider monster. It’s just got a knob missing. But works fantastically

I’ve told the lad who has my old Grestch, he can try the one I just bought  but I’m not selling it to him, not yet anyway.

Luke 6:38 comes to mind.