Shared Conversations a response

Posted: January 28, 2017 in Christian Ethics

I’m a funny old thing. (as my friends will confirm). Normally when the Church of England does something that makes us LGBT people feel like second class citizens, that we don’t matter, but lies do. I get upset. But I’m so resigned to it that I just move along and keep fighting to have the CofE realise that it can’t control people’s lives.

Let me explain. So the CofE have published this waste of time document from a “Shared Conversations” group. Basically a bunch of people discussing my life without actually consulting me, well thanks.

Click Here to read it if you’ve got a few hours to spare.

Really, it’s achieved pretty much nothing. Except perhaps confirming what everyone knew.

  • There are many LGBT  people in ministry in the Church of England, both Lay and Ordained clergy
  • These people including bishops etc are sometimes in same sex relationships, the church expects that if you are clergy that is to be a celibate relationship, because obviously God only approves of straight sex. In other words, if you are in  a straight relationship, you can get the whips out and do what you like, including anal sex (sorry to be graphic) but if you are in a gay relationship, some how God doesn’t like it. Did you know sodomy is technically any sex that is not pro-creative?
  • Vicars who even PRAY FOR or pronouncing a BLESSING on a same sex couple may find them selves hung drawn and quartered still,  because obviously God doesn’t want Vicars to pray with or for people in those situations.
  • Whilst the Church of England is happy to take my money and time, it will continue to frown on me as  a second class member of the church. It will acknowledge that any relationship I have can’t possibly be loving.

But what about the Bible?

I used to be an Evangelical Christian, but I just couldn’t cope with the inconsistencies of believing that way, the Bible, is full of things that are pretty impossible to live by. Even know reader you are probably wearing a poly cotton blend that breaches the laws of Leviticus, or if you have long hair and are a man, you are unnatural, in breach of the teachings of Paul. I can’t cope with Christians who say “oh but that’s cultural”, no, it’s YOUR culture you are applying to scripture.

Very little is said in the Bible about gay relationships, most are talking about abusive sex within the CONTEXT of idol worship (the Leviticus passages for instance), these are mainly the domain of temple prostitutes, Jesus had only good stuff to say in Matthew 19, I have written a lot on all this stuff which you can find throughout this blog.

My main problem actually was nothing to do with being gay, but the simple fact that Christians appeared to ignore even the basic commands of Christ. Lending and expecting it back? Selling everything and giving to the poor? People in positions of leadership don’t seem to do this but seem to think it’s ok to control my life.

Sorry Church of England

I refuse to abide by your rulings on same sex relationships. I think they are not only unfair but oppressive, Jesus wouldn’t oppress a minority or make different rules up for different people. So don’t you start doing it.

Am I going to leave the church?

Maybe. I’m still thinking about it. I struggle with the whole “Same sex attraction” thing. The call to live a celibate life is although I do it, not  one I feel is from God, denying that I can even have Christ in my life as  a gay person is going a bit far to be honest. I put a lot of time, effort and love into my church and yet the CofE pushes me once again to the edge, to the fringes.

Funny thing is, my local church that I attend is the epitome of acceptance and love, and I suspect the views of this report, yet again, do not reflect those of the believers there.

  1. Lucy says:

    views of this report, yet again, do not reflect those of the believers ⚠️

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