The Hypocrisy of the Elite

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

warning, a gay hissy fit is about to commence.

So the latest hot topic in church now they’ve thrown out the gays unless they remain single and don’t wear pink on Sundays, is Immigration. One cathedral even hosted a muslim call to prayer.

So basically, COFE, you are happy to welcome people of other faiths while you beat up people of your own faith who just happen to be LGBT.

I’m not asking for special treatment, I’m asking for the same treatment as you give to people WHO DON’T EVEN ATTEND CHURCH! You let them turn up and get married but people who are faithful servants who just happen to be gay cannot even having served faithfully in your parish, we can’t even get a blessing on a relationship. Even a vicar praying for a gay couple risks them being hauled in front of the bishop and disciplined.

Hey, has anyone seen Jesus?


end of gay hissy fit.

1. Most actual people on the ground in churches are cool with LGBT people as far as I can tell in churches. it’s just those up the top that can’t see what is happening and acknowledge that LGBT people have been part of society from time immemorial.

2. Personally I have nothing against anyone of any or no faith so it’s really the fact that yet again the COFE fails to treat people who work hard for it with love and respect. In fact I would stand with any person from any faith that would stand with me.

3. Don’t tell me to leave the church. Nothing will change if I do.

4. Before you start getting off on the rubbish about being faithful to scripture, until you do what Jesus says selling everything you have and giving it to the poor, you can’t even start. Jesus said “A bruised reed he will not break” but you trample on us again and again and I’m fed up with it.


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