Why churches should not perform weddings.

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Uncategorized


Jesus never commanded or performed a wedding himself. He told us simply to love one another and go into the world and preach the good news. As far as we know, the disciples never performed weddings either. Unless they were magistrates. Why, because it’s a legal construct not a spiritual one. Jesus in fact went on to say that there would be no marriage in heaven.

Marriage has been redefined for centuries, there is no definition of marriage in the Bible in fact. The Bible is so unconcerned about marriage that it doesn’t even give a ceremony for marriage or instructions on how marriage should be performed. However there are clear instructions on sacrificing animals.

Gay people have been allowed to be married as well in different cultures for time immemorial. Ofcourse the term “Gay” is quite a new one, prior to that they were called Eunuchs (see my piece a few weeks ago on that!). (Roman Emperor Nero married Pythagorus, you know, the sum of the…etc), the Samurai, greeks the list goes on.

So why does the church want to control marriage?

  1. Control of marriage means control of relationships.
  2. Control means money
  3. Control, yes it’s control oh and money might have something to do with it

Of course in the church of England a vicar who even prays for a gay couple can be subject to discipline. That’s how much the bishops hate the thought of someone who is LGBT being in any kind of relationship. They want to control us, they want us to live alone, rejected and sad as second class Christians.

I give way more to the church than a lot of people in time and energy and yet I am worse than a bank robber in the bishops eyes.

I’m torn.


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