Belittled by the Bishops

Posted: February 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

Now that the Church of England’s “Shared Conversations” (i.e. not listening at all) is out I thought I’d talk about how it feels to be reduced to someone with “Same Sex Attraction”

As far as the bishops are concerned I have no capability for a long term loving relationship that means anything. Only straight people can do that. I am just same sex attracted. Perhaps they think it’s a phase? One that’s lasted 38/39 years (trying to think when I first realised that I wasn’t like other boys, I liked other boys, I just wasn’t LIKE other boys).

I worry though about the youngsters growing up in the CofE. I know a few, who are LGBT. Their model is basically being pushed underground, being told their relationships are invalid by people who think that God gave them some right to marry people. God didn’t, Jesus didn’t, it’s my firm belief that The Church should not be marrying people – it is a civil duty, a legal contract, then perhaps the church could pray for a blessing on those married.

Incidentally did you know that churches cannot even pray for people who are in a same sex relationship. Unless they are praying for them to split up ofcourse. I know this sounds anti-christian but that’s basically where it’s at. Even praying for a same sex couple could put a vicar in trouble. Even worse if he or she were to pray in our language!

The damage this causes to LGBT people is huge. Having to live constantly feeling second best. The Church must change. It changed in so many other areas. Allowing divorce, etc etc. Instead of destroying it should build up.

If God is so against LGBT people why doesn’t he just fix us in the first place?  I didn’t choose this, no one would choose this you’d have to be mad to choose pain.

Sometimes being truthful and honest about yourself, is accepting the pain that goes along with that.

Jesus never said it would be easy, he just said he’d hold your hand.



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