The Mystery of the Rainbows

Posted: February 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Well it’s been quite a few days. Despite me actually being ill and spending most of them in bed asleep. Last night I managed to get myself to the “Rainbow Reception”, a wonderful evening. Some people nominated me for it.

Today, the General Synod voted to REJECT the Bishops’s statement blocking any movement toward same sex marriage in the church and treating LGBTI people as second class (at best) citizens.

Meanwhile this happened outside (before the vote).


Now – I am the sort of person that likes patterns in things – try this…

After the pulse Nightclub shooting a rainbow appeared, some people said the rainbow actually went INTO the club.

Okay let’s try another one

Over Dublin, Ireland a pair of rainbows appeared when gay marriage was voted in.



Here’s another one

(not as I good, I get it)

But how about this



I’m going to look for more examples and update this page.

I’m not saying anything but this is all quite coincidental…..or maybe someone is saying something….




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