Money, Money, Money

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

So something I’ve not spoken about before on this blog is money. I am a financial anarchist, that doesn’t mean I go round breaking banks etc. I believe that we should own our own money.

Our money is owned by governments and banks. Banks use fractional reserve banking  this system means pretty much that banks can lend out more money than they actually have. That is why when a bank (remember Cyprus) has everyone want to withdraw their money, the bank will crash and have to stop people withdrawing money.

I personally use something called Bitcoins, this is a Crypto currency – it allows you to spend and get money anywhere in the world, but the currency is ACTUALLY owned by you, the currency is not based on debt or managed by any banks.

This in my view is a more “Christian” way of using money.

For more details check out my other blog UKBitcoinBlog. There is a getting started page for people to understand more on how the currency works and why it is revolutionising the way we trade.


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