Those terrible heterosexuals.

Posted: November 19, 2017 in Christian Ethics, Uncategorized

I’ve often heard people say “it wasn’t Adam and Steve it was Adam and Eve”.

My reply… I continue their sentence, “yes, the heterosexual couple that condemned the human race”.

A lot of anti-gay teaching is based on using scripture to show “what those bad gay people do”. For example, Sodom and Gomorrah, often quoted as the main anti-gay text of the Bible. BUT apart from all the other texts in the Bible that say that God’s judgement on the place was because of lack of welcoming immigrants and hospitality, it doesn’t apply to me. To my life. I, for example, live alone with my cat. I doubt God would judge me for the “Sin of Sodom”.

Because a. I don’t live there, and b. It was thousands of years ago.

The same applies for Romans 1, where Paul describes terrible people who “exchange the unnatural for the natural”, these people are involved in idol worship, also, Paul uses the same words to describe men who have long air and women who have short hair in 1 Corinthians. Which can show that he is, in fact, speaking about a specific group of people?

But what about Leviticus? A man shall not lie with a man, it is an abomination to God. Well, look at the context of the passage, it’s about the Worship of Molech, sacrificing Children, you know just what us gays get up to. Although I’m sure you’ll find that as gay people can’t directly reproduce, it’s the straight people that are having children and doing the sacrifice. Terrible heterosexuals. But we don’t condemn heterosexual people for what other heterosexual people do. Even those in the Bible.

Other passages talking about people who would not enter the Kingdom of God, well they didn’t include homosexuality until about 60 years ago. The word used (Arsekanoitis) is so rarely used no one REALLY knows what it means. But as culture dictates translation sometimes that means if you’ve got something that you don’t know, just translate it how you want it.

Sexuality is not about what you do, it’s about who you are. It’s how you use that which matters.



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