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Well this is an article for straight guys. I thought I’d let you into the secret world of BGF style relationships. You might be shocked to find out (or not) that your girlfriend or female friends LOVE to give out little secrets to their BGF’s. If you put a foot wrong, guess what, we get told, if you fail as a lover or don’t cook breakfast, yup, we get told. In fact one girl even asked me to “have a word with him” about his performance in bed! (Which I didn’t). I get to hear how big things are (or how small) how fast they are, how slow they are. You won’t believe it.

Why am I telling you this straight boy? Well, I want you to understand that I am not your enemy, in fact, I could even be the key to your relationship success. BUT you have to be prepared for some home truths. Because us BGF’s know the truth and trust me, some of it is not pretty.

Incidentally, I did find myself when a girl bitched about her loving partner, sadly joining in, something which I’ve stopped doing I have to say because it’s hardly Christian.

Remember girls LOVE gay guys because we are safe, they can get the guy, without having to put up with the constant dribbling gaze of a potential suitor, the fumbled words and attempts to woe her to a restaurant for an evening of exciting talk about football, car mechanics and work.

Lastly, in this tongue in cheek article, a word to all BGF’s out there. One thing I have noticed is that this whole thing can get very one sided, I found that after the endless pouring out of feelings by some poor thing who is going out with THE WORST GUY IN THE WORLD, the best thing I could do was to sit down for a coffee with him, then you find out the other side and can mend the relationship (doesn’t always work, sometimes it’s just best to let it end).  Because half the time, the problems are simply they are not communicating with each other, just with everyone else. So BGF’s don’t take sides with her, I know she looks after your every need and loves hugging you (what is that about?).

Oh and if BSF is being naughty with another guy. Guess who they stop talking to!!!! for weeks!! if your girlfriend stops talking to their BGF be afraid, be very afraid.

Oh and Mike, Jane doesn’t want to be with you despite you hanging round with her. She’s just being nice. (Names changed to protect the guilty).


It seems to me the whole anti-gay thing is becoming more “anti” than ever before. This man who is supposed to be a shepherd of a flock, a fisher of men, is nothing more than a “Christian Hitler”, who wants to set up concentration camps for LGBT people.

It is no wonder, when you read the comments of this article that LGBT get the message that this is what all Christians think. Which it simply isn’t.

Please if you read this and you are LGBT don’t think that God hates you, or Jesus doesn’t love you and wants you behind a fence.

I hope that if you are a Christian in a state of confusion over the whole LGBT thing, you won’t do what this guy did, and just spew out hate towards us. But, perhaps you will talk to us and discover that we hurt from these people.

I hope he never visits Belgium or France, men are always kissing men over there, even the straight ones!

Anyway, I’m not a  hater, so if he wants to come for lunch he’s very welcome. (and I promise not to kiss him, I’m gay, not blind).

I’m watching a documentary on BBC3 tonight called Jamie Drag Queen at 16.

He’s an out, gay 16 year old who wants to be a drag queen. I found it incredibly moving, the guy is very brave. He’s going to dress in his drag to his school prom. His desire to show people who he really is overcomes his need to be accepted. That, to me is brave.

He, like a lot of guys who are cross dressers/trans people, although he doesn’t want to become a woman, started dressing up as a child he’s a guy when he’s not in drag. His secret prom plans to go in drag were put to play hen his teacher found out and he was called “disgusting” by his school. He said “how is it people can discriminate against gay people and cross dressers”, ” they don’t even understand, they are not even giving me the chance to help them understand”.

“I just want his acceptance, it’s all I want” he said about his Father. The truth is, all of us want to be accepted as we are, we want to be ourselves, without others judging us. Treat others with the love that you want, remember some of us even fear what you are going to say. I for instance don’t go to some church events because I don’t think I’ll be accepted. Normally, happily, I think I’m wrong.

Jamie found the same, his awesome friends who said we’re not going in unless he did. His dad, is sadly a different story in the end. Jamie, if I was there I would be your dad, because I don’t know about every one else but you made me really proud. Good for you. Jamie’s mum you are awesome, I remember a friend of mine who is a cross dresser coming out to his mum, there was an awkward silence, then she said “oh well, have to go shopping then”. That sort of acceptance and love makes us strong.

We should all think what we would say to this guy. Or to someone who is different from ourselves, whoever they are. Or better, what would Jesus say? “I love you but” or just “I love you, follow me”, remember, this world is powered by differences, and this guy, is an example of a strong, beautiful person.

Jamies page on Face book is Here , you can watch him in action Here