I’ve launched an online store called Love and Design, it’s basically a collection of products I’ve designed, custom products, that cover a number of different topics I’m passionate about. But thinking in terms of LGBTI products I have decided the following.

  • Everything is available to everyone, I won’t make sneakers only in women’s and children’s sizes, they are available in men’s sizes whatever the design
  • I’ve designed some subtle LGBTI T-shirts and things, and some more in your face
  • I’m taking Bitcoin/Lightcoin/Dogecoin and I have some products dedicated to cryptocurrency – my blog about this is here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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I am enough.

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Where I work is very, very, quiet, so I listen to things on youtube or radio. Just to keep me from gong completely mad (well madder than I am).

Today I listened to a video that had me sitting at my desk nearly in tears (which is awkward), It’s because of this video.

It’s all based on the fact that we don’t feel we are enough. I sat there with these 3 words, which will, later on, be written on the mirror in the boat where I live. Here it is for you now.



Powerful, isn’t it?

No go put it on your mirror, or your fridge, and watch it change your life.


Money, Money, Money

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So something I’ve not spoken about before on this blog is money. I am a financial anarchist, that doesn’t mean I go round breaking banks etc. I believe that we should own our own money.

Our money is owned by governments and banks. Banks use fractional reserve banking  this system means pretty much that banks can lend out more money than they actually have. That is why when a bank (remember Cyprus) has everyone want to withdraw their money, the bank will crash and have to stop people withdrawing money.

I personally use something called Bitcoins, this is a Crypto currency – it allows you to spend and get money anywhere in the world, but the currency is ACTUALLY owned by you, the currency is not based on debt or managed by any banks.

This in my view is a more “Christian” way of using money.

For more details check out my other blog UKBitcoinBlog. There is a getting started page for people to understand more on how the currency works and why it is revolutionising the way we trade.

Welcoming, but not affirming.

Posted: March 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

Recently I heard a bishop say that he was welcoming of LGBTI people but not affirming of them.

I’ve been mulling on this, (which is not a good plan for me).

I find it upsetting somehow that I can be “welcomed” into the Church and at the same time not affirmed. It’s like come in but we don’t approve of you.

This is nowhere in the Bible as I can see. It’s not really “putting out of fellowship” as Paul describes when there was a problem in one of the churches. It’s more like “come on in but don’t expect to be an equal”.

What would Jesus do? Samaritans were really really hated by Jews, they were looked down upon, along with tax collectors. But when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well there was no “welcoming but not affirming”, he simply laid out who He was by making a statement about her life, something he could not have known. (John 4). What is fascinating is that a lot of Christians read into it that Jesus condemned her lifestyle, but in fact, he simply pointed out what her lifestyle was and left it to her to work out the rest. The Holy Spirit convicts but it is up to us to respond.

He was good at that, in Matthew 19, he simply made a statement about Eunuchs. He didn’t seem interested in the “rights or wrongs” of such people.

If we are truly embrace the Golden commandment found in Matthew 22 there is simply no place for this sort of attitude. Loving your neighbour as yourself means welcoming and affirming someone as if they are you. Rejecting someone or expressing anything less than full acceptance of a person is veering towards the “Sheep and the Goats”, “What you did to the least of these you did to me”.

So I don’t think being welcoming but not affirming is a Christian view. It’s the “Love the sinner hate what I think is their sin” idea, which incidentally is nowhere in the Bible. The truth is we love ourselves and let ourselves off of our sin, but are quick to find fault in others. This is a kind of Christian Narcissism. If we truly loved our neighbour as ourselves we would simply love people. No holes barred.

So I’m cool if you don’t want to affirm me bishop. IF you’d just like to explain that to Jesus.


(yes, this is fake news)

The Church of England has decided that LGBTI issues and marriage are just too difficult to deal with and has decided that fasting is a far easier subject to get their heads around. This is the process of going without food and sometimes drink for several days to spend time in prayer and meditation.

A number of groups in the church responded to this announcement by beginning their own research.

The right wing church immediately went to every part of the old and new testament that had anything to do with fasting. They proposed a new liturgy was formed prayers for the start of a fast, during a fast, when  you feel tempted, when you are very tempted, when you have “sinned” and broken your fast.

They decided that the correct time of fasting was for 40 days as that is what Jesus did (this was put forward by one of the “if it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me” brigade), a test team of fasters went to the closest wilderness they could find to have a shared conversation amongst themselves, this turned out to be a shopping centre just north of Slough. This did not include any Bishops or Arch Bishops as they had “too many public commitments involving food”.

Sadly, this experiment ended badly, 4 of them decided as they were reading about Jesus time in the wilderness to throw themselves from the top of Primark. Unfortunately they failed to turn the page to read that Jesus actually told the Devil he wasn’t going to do this.

At the end of the 40 day fast, the remaining 2 fasters, who didn’t seem any worse for wear, were proven to be frauds thanks to the use of the CCTV cameras bought for Bishops to ensure that Gay clergy were not being involved in anything  they shouldn’t have been. (This plan was actually shelved as the cost of a CCTV team and finding anyone wanting to watch what two gay vicars were up to was prohibitive, apart from an American TV channel which offered to pay for the privilege with a series “Gay Vicars”).

The left wing church wanted to advocate a modern “night fast”, this meant that you would say the liturgy proposed by the right wing church (yay, agreement), and then go to bed, then finish your fast in the morning. Luckily if you had that cheeky slice of cheesecake you’d been saving durning the night you could pray the proposed prayer and everything would be cool. However, the Bishops did point out that Clergy who’s lives needed to be harder than everyone elses, should perform a “cut down” 40 day fast, this making the right wing church “kind of” happy.

Then was one person who claimed to be left wing but decided to go along with the right wing church because he was deeply narcissistic and enjoyed more the looking down on those on the left than his own suffering.

A group called “OneBodyOneBread” (sorry guys), decided to protest outside the Synod at the discussion of the shared conversations, which basically was a series of slap up meals for bishops to write a document that didn’t really make anyone happy. One of these protesters was approached by a right wing member of Synod who told her she was going to hell with her “tea towel food eating gluttonous scarf”, to which she responded “will I need my scarf? or do you think it will be warm?”.

Surprisingly another “group” emerged who called themselves the “silent middle”, these were the undecided, the loved the right wing “put ’em to death, they are all going to hell” rhetoric but felt saddened for the people on the left who were constantly bullied by the right and were conflicted over the whole thing. They didn’t want people to break the fast but knew some people had dietary needs which mean they would die if they did actually do a 12 hour fast. They felt it was unfair the Clergy were treated differently from the laity especially since some of the laity were obviously struggling with gluttony.

After 3 years of shared meals. Everyone had put weight on. The right wing felt more “righteous”, the left wing felt more “left”, the middle people, well they are stuck somewhere on the M4, not sure wether to cut across to the M40 or not.

Oh and one poor bishop is still trying to figure out how to work the microwave.

Jesus was last seen headed to a gay bar in Leicester Square holding his head in his hands and muttering something about “4 horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

(by the way, the Bible says way more about fasting than it does homosexuality).

Love to all

Sorry if I offended anyone (sorry, I’m not really sorry)

PS Check out http://www.onebodyonefaith.org.uk/ if you are interested in issues about human sexuality they are WONDERFUL, loving and helpful. If you are LGBTI and struggling please contact me and we can chat. I’ve been there.

The Mystery of the Rainbows

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Well it’s been quite a few days. Despite me actually being ill and spending most of them in bed asleep. Last night I managed to get myself to the “Rainbow Reception”, a wonderful evening. Some people nominated me for it.

Today, the General Synod voted to REJECT the Bishops’s statement blocking any movement toward same sex marriage in the church and treating LGBTI people as second class (at best) citizens.

Meanwhile this happened outside (before the vote).


Now – I am the sort of person that likes patterns in things – try this…


After the pulse Nightclub shooting a rainbow appeared, some people said the rainbow actually went INTO the club.

Okay let’s try another one


Over Dublin, Ireland a pair of rainbows appeared when gay marriage was voted in.



Here’s another one


(not as I good, I get it)

But how about this




I’m going to look for more examples and update this page.

I’m not saying anything but this is all quite coincidental…..or maybe someone is saying something….



Open letter to synod members

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Dear Synod Representatives,

I am writing to you in response to the Shared Conversations Document published by the Bishops.
I know that you are about to have this document to “take note” of it but I would like to make my views known as a gay person who is also a Christian and has served faithfully in the Church of England for Many years.
I have grown up serving God and the church. I currently play in the band  along with others and try to help in anyway I can. However, I find it strange to understand that if I was to meet someone and want to get even a blessing from the church, just a prayer for us, it would not be allowed. Considering that a straight couple who never goes to church can receive the full blessing in church. Not wishing to sound like the prodigal son’s brother, but I would want the church to be involved in the whole of my life, including my relationships. Pretending that I simply don’t exist is just not good enough.
I would like to agree with the retired bishops who have stood against this document for the following reasons:-
  •  I don’t believe, although it has been called “Shared Conversations” that any LGBT people have actually been spoken with.
  •  The church was never commissioned by Jesus to marry anyone anyway, Jesus never performed a wedding, neither did his disciples. Why the church thinks it has a mandate from God to marry people I have no idea, let alone decide who or who not may be married or prayed for.
I would like to say that I have found the whole affair incredibly painful. It is not just about not being married in church, but the complete rejection that I exist and there is nothing wrong with me.
I did not choose this. No one would choose to be gay and put up with such rejection.
I am so glad that my church s is welcoming to LGBT people and we have our own LGBT group but this sort of attitude from the bishops really hinders our work. To be honest it is shutting the Kingdom of Heaven’s doors in our faces. I have been in the last weeks so close to simply walking away from the Church of England, sadly, I already know one or two who have had enough.
So in consideration I would request that you would refuse to “Take Note” of the report, especially with the views of the Retired Bishops. I trust you have read both things thoroughly before making a decision.
and the response of 14 retired Bishops
With my best Wishes
PS if you agree you can sign the bishop’s letter. https://retiredbishopsletter.com/sign-support/