The Grain of Sand

You can’t see can you?

I can see perfectly.

You look but you don’t see

I can look and see

Then look at this grain of sand

Watch the light dancing on the water

Like the feet of a thousand dreams of angels

Watch the storm form in the clouds

The mighty wind and waves crash down

And create a grain of sand

What about you?

You are worth more than anything

You’re price set by a man on a cross

When the sky turned black as night

And a heart was broken

You think you see but you are blind

Because you feel like a grain of sand

You are washed

You are battered

You feel like one star in a sky of millions

But yet he knows you perfectly

He knows every facet

He paid the price, for you, his grain of sand.

(C)Copyright 2010 Paul Clevett


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