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da71e9dd7c1b9138c9a4631e8924344d.pngThe Christian church has always been filled with differences of opinion on some amazing topics.

The truth of the matter is we have faith in God, we base our faith on a rough understanding of a book written over 2000 years.

So it’s just arrogant to expect to think that you are right about everything and even worse to start judging other Christians on their beliefs in the very same words you believe in a different way.

The truth is that EVERY Christian takes the bits of the Bible they like and majors on them. Christians use those scriptures to hate people like me. They feel better by using virtue positioning. Not realising that doing that disobeys even the most *BASIC* Christian Teaching of Love your Neighbour as yourself.

I reckon the way to treat scripture is like this:-

Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength.

Love your neighbour as yourself.

If anything you do or say goes against this, guess what, you’re wrong. I’m not saying you’re wrong, the basic scripture is.

The truth is Christian, you love yourself like this.

  1. You do something wrong
  2. You let yourself off
  3. Go to 1

But with others its….

  1. They do something wrong
  2. You judge them which makes you feel better
  3. Go to 1

Sort it out, have you not read “Love covers over a multitude of Sins?”.

There you go.



I was recently (today) messaged on our wonderful meetup group for the LGBT Christian Fellowship @ ST John’s with this message. It is a very curious message to be honest because it makes certain assumptions.

Basically this statement says that Jesus love and sacrifice is only for people who identify as straight – I, and my friends who love him and serve him, despite our best efforts will never be good enough (actually, no one is good enough for God, we all rely on the sacrifice of Christ). The person making this statement firmly slams the doors to the kingdom in my face.

This statement judges me, it says that I am somehow living a life displeasing to God, without even giving me the chance to defend myself or to look to Christ. It actually is a terrible accusation that I am doing something so terrible that God can never accept me. Which is ofcourse baloney. Then I get “Oh if your repent of being gay then you can become a Christian”.

Following Christ is a journey. Sure I can repent of having an embarrassing bald spot at the top of my head, but it’s still there.

Could it be that God is somehow less worried about who you love, and more about how you live. Normally I think people who make this statement are struggling with their own sexuality, don’t lie to yourself, don’t lie to God, he knows you and he loves you as you are. Begin a walk with him and he will help you live better.

I always take this kind of statement very personally, actually it makes my quite upset that someone thinks they can judge me and they don’t even know me. Jesus loves us so much, nothing, nothing is impossible with God, even so much that LGBT people can find his love whilst being rejected by the church.

Yes, I’m gay and I follow Christ, yes I live alone with my cat, and yet, somehow this person is absolutely convinced that people like me are somehow unacceptable to God, I spend hours and hours serving others in Christ’s name but guess what, because I’m gay it probably means nothing. I think my friend, when you get to heaven, you might be surprised at who is also there.. you never know… he might even let me in!

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-centur...

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-century encaustic icon from Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai. NB – slightly cut down – for full size see here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have got the most wonderful friends. Some of whom, I guess, find me difficult to deal with at times, although they never say anything about it.

You know, some of my friends are always putting themselves down, I know why, because I’ve been there, self talking, is as bad at times as others being cruel. If you tell someone they are useless for long enough, they will agree and long after you are gone, their uselessness will become part of them. The old adage “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, is just, completely, rubbish.

My friends will tell you I have a rule, I call it rule 468 paragraph 4 (just for fun), “Thou shalt not put thyself down”. Whenever I or one of my friends or family go to put themselves down I quote my rule. Because, I think, in the same way that words have sometimes destroyed lovely genuine people (you know who you are), words can turn things around.

Look, I might not know you, but I know about you, yes, I do, I know that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, God himself wants you as his child, do you know how much that cost?, it cost, himself.

So perhaps it’s time we employ the rule, “Thou shalt not put thyself down”, because, I realised that when I was putting myself down, I put others down as well. You cannot love others if you do not love yourself. I’m not talking about a huge ego trip, I’m talking about feeling happy about yourself and knowing that the people that put you down, frankly, are only putting themselves down and reflecting their own insecurities.

The journey out of depression starts by seeing a light of joy at the end of a very dark tunnel. This is often the tunnel where self talk has chained us down.

You’re great, you really are. Anyone tells you anything different, let me tell you something, they don’t know you, there is only one person who truly knows you and he said how great you are. “While we were still God’s enemy, Christ died for us”.

So lovely, valuable, precious readers, let’s change the programme and make this world a happier, better, place.


Another Ill Informed Vicar made this statement

I just wonder where these people have been? After all these years of study and learning, the major Psychiatric organisations of the word have come to the conclusion that homosexuality is not treatable, you can’t just “give up” being straight, can you? Likewise you can’t just “Give up” being Gay.

However, some people do give up looking for a partner, but that doesn’t mean their orientation has changed, simply they have chosen to be alone. (or may be not chosen but are forced by circumstance).

The Natural/UnNatural view of homosexuality I find so amusing, saying that homosexuality is unnatural is like saying the sun rising in the morning is unnatural. It’s seen in all kinds of animals and birds, beings who as far as we know do not understand morality or good and evil.

The police, in my view were right to arrest this preacher, he was breaking the law. He may see it as persecution. But Jesus didn’t say you would be persecuted for persecuting other people, his take was “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in the heavens.” 

I don’t think actually the Jesus of the Bible would ever be seen attacking LGBT people (after all, he didn’t did he?). However he did have a lot to say about the Pharisees and the religious leaders who “were like whitewashed graves“, who “slammed the kingdom of heavens doors in mens faces“.

The problem with Christianity, Atheism and any other religious faith by which people are motivated is that they can use that as an excuse to forward their own bigotry, to deal with their own insecurities. But even a cursory reading of Jesus life shows that this is not the way we are to live.