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Well I’m excited.

Often it feels like there is a huge gulf between the LGBT community and Christianity, one that if you are a Christian and gay, can be hard to deal with, you live in a kind of no mans land.

But that gulf is getting much narrower. I remember the first time I ever bought a Gay Times magazine. It was in Tesco. I still have it. I bought it and I didn’t try to hide it. I took it home, read every page. I had been outed by someone but I had finally accepted who I was and it was connection to the gay community which I had just started to experience again.

I was SO happy to see some amazing LGBT Christians actually being published in interviews in the magazine for December. The articles are warm and inviting. It is so nice seeing LGBT publications doing something positive for LGBT Christians rather than the constant slating.

You get persecuted by the church for being gay, and by the gay community for being Christian. But that is changing and it’s fantastic.

I wanted to add. If you are gay and Christian and feeling alone please get in touch and I’ll try and help.

If you are near Hillingdon, UK, check out St John’s Hillingdon hill where you will be loved and welcomed. What’s more we even have an LGBT Christian Fellowship.

Thanks for being their Gay Times! I wonder if we could use the articles to produce a flyer for church? Hmmm.

Love to All



Chapel of the Martyrs of Nepi in Katowice Pane...

Chapel of the Martyrs of Nepi in Katowice Panewniki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archbishop Williams has really changed his tune.

After spending years going on about how we are destroying the sanctity of marriage he has suddenly noticed what has really been going on behind the scenes. That his, and others in the Church of England who are up in the upper echelons of the Anglican Church have simply been “persecuting” gay people. He said that Christians had been made “mildly uncomfortable” and that this, was not in fact persecution.

I actually agree with him on this. But there may be another motivation for his changing of tune. As two gay millionaires who are busy preparing to sue the Church of England where they have attended for years to allow them to marry in church, perhaps money has something to do with this change….perhaps other clergy will follow, thinking about their pensions!

So what is persecution? Well, persecution is defined by (so it must be right?!)

 [pur-si-kyoo-shuhn] the act of persecuting.
2. the state of being persecuted.
3. a program or campaign to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate a people because
 of their religion, race, or beliefs: the persecutions of Christians by the Romans.

Hold on a second, isn’t this exactly what everyone from the religious to the scientific has been doing to LGBT people for years,  not for beliefs but for their state of being. The persecution of Christians by Romans for instance included throwing them to lions, using them as human candles.

So Christians who think they are being persecuted by LGBT people just wanting to live their lives in a dignified and honest way, guess what, you are not being persecuted, you are being made to feel mildly uncomfortable, which, perhaps is a good thing.

Before ofcourse, you come out with “oh the Bible says”, well the Bible says a lot of things Christians choose to ignore, for instance, Women should be silent in church, (New Testament), If a man marries a virgin and finds out she is not a virgin she shall be put to death, if you check the Bible it is all there, but I find in most churches women are far from silent. The truth is, some Christians have a pick and choose mentality which involves taking the verses they like and obeying them with gusto, whilst condemning others who are unable to keep the Law, which they do not keep themselves. (For instance, how many women have you seen massacred on their wedding day by Christians?).

What these people forget is that we are saved by Grace not by works, so no one can boast, that the laws are fulfilled by Christ, he described the whole of the Law and prophets summed up by, “Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” and “loving your neighbour as yourself”. The frightening thing about the Gospel, is that at is heart is the message that Christ has paid the price for our sin and made us right with God, setting us FREE from the law. But the truth is, most people cannot handle that freedom and quickly bind themselves up in chains again.

So the question, in fact, is not about, who is right or wrong, but if we as Christians are being loving to our neighbour who may be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender but constantly putting them down and saying they are not good enough to have a life partner.  That, is not Christian.

Here in the UK my friends we are not persecuted for our faith, we are mildly uncomfortable sometimes, LGBT people are however bullied to death here but it is rare, it is much more common in the USA and my dear friends in Uganda can tell you some horror stories no better than the regime of Hitler in the second world war.

Instead of constantly having a go at LGBT people, should not people of faith, supposed to be people of Love, be outlawing and protesting against oppression? Yes, especially in places like Russia and Uganda, where surviving every day is nearly impossible for gay people.

The truth is bigotry comes from the need to be right and it’s outworking is rarely nice.

That is a bit of an oxymoron actually.

I was wondering around my email this morning when I came across this shocking report, “Christian” parents sending their children BY FORCE to a christian school so they can be made straight.

It’s barbaric and nothing to do with the Christian faith. The faith where there is “no Jew, Greek, Male or Female because we are all one in Christ”. Children and teens taken in the night to these places, it must be terrifying for the children. I know that the loving parents think they are doing the best for their children but they forget one immutable fact, you cannot change a persons sexual orientation, no amount of singing choruses, screaming Jesus Loves me at the top of your voice will do it.

The correct response is to allow the LGBT person to work through their faith with support and love.

This is there blog.

I grew up believing that you chose to be gay. Ofcourse, I wanted so much to obey God and I thought that God wanted me to be straight. But despite my best efforts I was unable to change my sexuality.

This is, an incredibly important question. Because by it’s nature it brings us to a point where we say, it is natural, I am naturally gay, you may be naturally straight, and my responsibility before God, and before you, is to live an honest, truthful life as I am.

If I meet someone who I love and want to be with, then I will live truthfully, and honestly, before God in that relationship.

The father seeks worshippers that worship him in spirit and in truth. Being in truth means being in the Light, Light shows up darkness, it bathes it, it pushes it away, darkness cannot fight it. So, this question is more about living in truth than making a life decision.


Read more and watch the video:

Oh come on people.

A jewish man has killed an 8 year old child.

No one likes to see people accused of something they have not done, this guy is saying that because of us gays a child has been killed, did we kill the child, no, had we any part in his life, guess what, no. God is a just God why would he take a child’s life to send some kind of weird message that gay marriage is wrong, that we are wrong.

Perhaps, the truth is, the child was killed because a man IN YOUR COMMUNITY has committed a terrible crime. You, as the leaders of the community need to deal with it not palm the responsibility off to a group of other people. When we are grieving over something we often want to find someone to blame. Be careful you do not do another group of people a terrible terrible injustice.

Perhaps the real truth is, that you want, like a lot of so called Christians to use anything to back up your own insecurities instead of trying to understand and dialog with us. We are not monsters, we are human beings.


Pray for this Rabbi and that community that they are able to take responsibility and to deal with their grief in a real way. Not palming everything off to another group of people, because injustice,  as we know from scripture, is something God hates.







I have this pink paperclip in my wallet.

A good friend of mine gave it to me and ever since I’ve used it as a reminder to think about and indeed pray for those who are LGBT for whom the freedom to live their life as the person they really are is not possible. Also for those who have committed suicide because of their sexualty and their families coming to terms with it. For those for whom being LGBT is just hard. Bullied or hated.

Every time I see a person who has been executed, bullied or committed suicide in this way, I wear this paperclip on my shirt as a reminder to me to pray for them. People ask why and I tell them.

I’m not saying that you should do the same as me. But you know sometimes something simple can carry a huge message.

I hope, one day, this paperclip will stay in my wallet and not come out. But until then. Here it is.  

I’m watching a documentary on BBC3 tonight called Jamie Drag Queen at 16.

He’s an out, gay 16 year old who wants to be a drag queen. I found it incredibly moving, the guy is very brave. He’s going to dress in his drag to his school prom. His desire to show people who he really is overcomes his need to be accepted. That, to me is brave.

He, like a lot of guys who are cross dressers/trans people, although he doesn’t want to become a woman, started dressing up as a child he’s a guy when he’s not in drag. His secret prom plans to go in drag were put to play hen his teacher found out and he was called “disgusting” by his school. He said “how is it people can discriminate against gay people and cross dressers”, ” they don’t even understand, they are not even giving me the chance to help them understand”.

“I just want his acceptance, it’s all I want” he said about his Father. The truth is, all of us want to be accepted as we are, we want to be ourselves, without others judging us. Treat others with the love that you want, remember some of us even fear what you are going to say. I for instance don’t go to some church events because I don’t think I’ll be accepted. Normally, happily, I think I’m wrong.

Jamie found the same, his awesome friends who said we’re not going in unless he did. His dad, is sadly a different story in the end. Jamie, if I was there I would be your dad, because I don’t know about every one else but you made me really proud. Good for you. Jamie’s mum you are awesome, I remember a friend of mine who is a cross dresser coming out to his mum, there was an awkward silence, then she said “oh well, have to go shopping then”. That sort of acceptance and love makes us strong.

We should all think what we would say to this guy. Or to someone who is different from ourselves, whoever they are. Or better, what would Jesus say? “I love you but” or just “I love you, follow me”, remember, this world is powered by differences, and this guy, is an example of a strong, beautiful person.

Jamies page on Face book is Here , you can watch him in action Here