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Thanks to funding from “Christian” Americans the “Kill the Gay’s Bill” has gone further than ever in Uganda. My contacts on the ground there report that Police (although the local police are favourable to the LGBT people) are being forced to “haunt” them from above. A number of safe houses have been set up but these have to be funded and that is up to us.

Please continue to up hold our LGBT brother’s and sisters who are experiencing Nazi like persecution for who they are in Uganda. I wish I could scoop them all up and take them to a safe place.

Click Here to follow their Facebook page.

Their website

The organisers of this group may be arrested first which will result in no support for LGBT people in safe houses. If you can find some money to donate please do it will help with lawyers and food for those who are in hiding.

If you cannot please please lift them up in  your prayers. We need a revolution in Uganda.


Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mental health has yet again been dragged kicking and screaming to the fore by Asda and Tesco’s silly costume. Most people actually do suffer from mental health issues, wether depression, stress or anything else. This, in the LGBT community is surprisingly high, especially amongst the young people.  A recent survey said that 40% of young people believe they have mental health problems.

The problem with being different, is that people find it difficult to deal with you and when you take on their views of who you are, you can end up with all kinds of problems. Having condemned myself for a lot of my life, I understand this from a personal perspective, having suffered from depression, I can understand this as well. But so many young people struggling with these issues is terrible.

Here is a space for the church, Jesus was complained about because he spent all his time with “tax collectors and sinners”, his critics, the Pharisees (leadership of the church?), thoroughly enjoyed taking him to pieces for doing what he knew should. LGBT people are seen by some churches as the worst of sinners, which, oddly, seems to me to alienate them from the Jesus that sits with us, in the back of the gay bar, laughing and sharing his stories about the real Kingdom of God, not demanding, just giving.

How can we, Christ’s church, built on a foundation of sacrificial love have got to the place where, dare I say it, we have been part of the problem for this group of people? It is time for the redemption of Christianity and the gospel from the hatred towards anyone who does not fit, to the love of those special people, love can really help with a lot of these kind of issues. Instead of “love the sinner, hate the sin”, we should just love everyone. The more needy the more love should be given, because when this person finds Jesus, they find the ultimate love and their redemption is even greater.

What have we done?

If you are in the Hillingdon UK area, my friend Lukasz and his team run Hillingdon Mind for LGBT people . If you need help please get in touch.

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Icon for Wikimedia project´s LGBT portal (Portal:LGBT). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Uganda this week comes the terrible story of Jeniffer, an activist who was beaten and left for dead. So the Daily Extra story tells (clicky). I wish I could just scoop them all up, all of them and bring them here, to the UK to somewhere safer. But they continue to push forward for the freedom just to exist. As a Christian it is my moral duty to help where I can all those in need or those who are persecuted. For me that includes everyone, my Muslim brother, my gay sister, because, after all, we are all human beings. Please support them if you can financially or with your prayers. (clicky)

I just cannot understand why people cannot let others  just live their lives in peace. Bizarre.

Anyway, over to Russia where the pressure is increasing, they are even getting to the point they will be submitting LGBT people to ex-gay therapy, something that has been tried massively in the UK/US and other countries. RUSSIA WE HAVE TRIED IT, IT DOES NOT WORK. Stop persecuting your citizens and instead of destroying, why not build up.

Oddly, the Russian anti-gay movement is NOT founded out of any sort of religious background. But simply out of prejudice. Their reasons do remain a mystery for me as the country was originally communist, with the core value that all people are equal. Much like the US constitution. Please like the Russian LGBT network Facebook page. (clicky)

I just hope one of our governments can help change things for all the LGBT people in the world. But meanwhile, I will be doing what I can. We cannot sit by and watch others suffer in this way.


What is surprising me over these last weeks is the way things are changing in the world. There are places and groups, surprisingly even the Catholics, where LGBT people are now become accepted. The Pope saying that he would not judge Gay people including priests, is a major move for the Catholic church.

Russia, a “non religious” country has become so Anti-Gay that you are not allowed to say the word “gay”, in fact, they are rounding up Russian LGBT people and doing horrendous things to them. The world is responding but it’s slow going.

Mugabe wants all gay people to have their heads chopped off. Bizarre.

So while things get really really better in some places, they get really really worse in others.

I wonder, however, if the Russian/Mugabe stance is a statement against the west, rather than actually anything against LGBT people per-se. It’s like saying “we are Russian, we do not do the thing’s the USA does”.

I wish I had a huge place I could bring all these wonderful LGBT brothers and sisters from these terrible countries and make them safe. I really do. Hmmm that’s a thought.

One thing makes me laugh about people, in fact about myself, is the need to be right. If you are right you hold power over those who are wrong, but in doing so you may miss the entire point of faith.

Look at Jesus, when he was asked by the disciples if they could sit on his right and left in his Kingdom, he simply replied that they need to become servants. “For whoever want’s to be the greatest among you, must become the least”. The great thing about being a Christian is there is no requirement to be right. The only requirements are twofold. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, sole and mind, and Love your neighbour as yourself. Paul the Apostle said “There is no law against love”.

The problem is that Jesus’ message is drowned out by media, by our friends, by what everyone else wants and thinks but the truth of the matter is very simple. The truth is that when you take a position of just loving without judgment. People can do what they want to do. Love is a powerful weapon.

Did God not answer their prayers and send fire from heaven? Did he not destroy the equal marriage bill? No. Perhaps he is more interested in how we treat our fellow man or woman, how we love, how we drop our “right and wrong” and come to the place of peace with him. After all, he is the final judge, not us. We are set free in Christ to love the “tax-collectors and sinners”, but this love can only be activated truthfully when we realise that we, ourselves, are the same as the tax-collectors and sinners.

Something that has always puzzled me is why Jesus says “Go and sin no more” to people who will obviously not stop sinning (that includes me). My actual thoughts for what it’s worth are that he was talking about the specific thing that the person was trapped in that was eating them. Anyway – that’s another topic.

What these people who prayed for LGBT people to be denied the same love and rights as straight people forgot…sadly… is that there were also many LGBT people praying that they would be allowed to be married, but their prayer was not borne out of judgement or “I’m better than the tax collector” mentality, but out of the pain of  years of persecution by just about everyone, science, religion, everyone.

God hear’s the cries of the oppressed. I don’t think he’s actually that interested in the religious bigotry. Not from what I read of Jesus.

That is a bit of an oxymoron actually.

I was wondering around my email this morning when I came across this shocking report, “Christian” parents sending their children BY FORCE to a christian school so they can be made straight.

It’s barbaric and nothing to do with the Christian faith. The faith where there is “no Jew, Greek, Male or Female because we are all one in Christ”. Children and teens taken in the night to these places, it must be terrifying for the children. I know that the loving parents think they are doing the best for their children but they forget one immutable fact, you cannot change a persons sexual orientation, no amount of singing choruses, screaming Jesus Loves me at the top of your voice will do it.

The correct response is to allow the LGBT person to work through their faith with support and love.

This is there blog.

Well this is a follow up to my criticism of Marcus Bradshaw for calling the Archbishop a…well let’s not go there.

I did not realise that this guy is an advocate for LGBT people and actually he bravely got angry with the religious leadership of his day. (Oh hang on, Jesus did that). If you check his Facebook profile you will see message after message of SUPPORT from LGBT people and I added mine. Although perhaps calling the Archbishop a, w****r might be a bad way of expressing it it had a wonderful effect. It made people sit up and listen.

Jesus, turned over the tables in the temple and caused equal uproar, he was ALWAYS winding up the religious leadership and getting in trouble for it.

However, Jesus, he attracted to him the poor and needy, the rejected and down trodden.

Being like Christ is not about obeying rules and making people feel rejected and down trodden. In fact, it’s about standing in the gap for those who cannot stand for themselves. I know for myself I have felt so terrible about the way the archbishop and others put down us LGBT people. Without good reason, crushing our spirits, the Bible does say about Jesus, a bruised reed he will not break. How much reed breaking has been done by the religious right.

Sometimes Jesus got angry, it’s called righteous anger. I doubt he swore but he was quite straight forward about those who “shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces”.

What is more like Jesus, to stand for the oppressed? or to be the oppressor.