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I sit here pondering something, there is some huge solar flare over the antarctic, the biggest since 2005 (seems like we’re not getting much Sun in Uxbridge though).

I just wondered, thinking about it, what if it was all to be over tomorrow. All the talk about Marriage being sacred, LGBT people being “an abomination”. Would be pointless. I mean really pointless.

Personally I want to be one who finds it easier to love, than to hate, that when my mark is left on this planet, it is that of someone who accepted and loved people, even people I found difficult to get on with. It’s like all the clever arguments we have for or against the existence of God are immediately wiped out when we stand before him.

I hope one day to meet one of those placard holding Christians and give them a hug, and tell them Jesus loves them even though they missed it.

Perhaps I should have a placard amnesty, at least I could burn them on my fire in the winter.