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So Hillsong church who are not anti-gay but are anti-gay relationships have been harbouring a couple who are openly out and openly in a relationship, even though the church disapproves.

To be honest to me this smacks of hypocrisy, on one hand use the talents of these wonderful men, on the other hand disapprove of them. It’s like hugging someone and hitting them at the same time.

Hillsong, shame on you for using people who give so generously and love so much and then wagging your finger at them.

Make a choice. Either you are going to love and support LGBT couples in your church or you are not.

I think that Reed and Kelly who made this statement on twitter demonstrate the difficulty with LGBT people in church ,why? because on the one hand the church is your family, on the other you are in conflict with what they think of you.

Look Hillsong, you either love and accept these great men of God who serve the church faithfully, you accept they are in a loving, monogamous relationship and trying to honour God, or you expel them from your church.

Of course in a way, I am doing the same thing, although I’m not in any kind of relationship, I serve every week in my local church yet there are leaders of the Anglican Church for whom my very presence in the church would really be awkward.

But I believe that the only way that Christians can understand and empathise is if we are there. If they actually find out that we are not the terrible creatures that some churches would portray.

So Reed and Josh, stay strong, keep fighting the fight.